General Funding

Applying for Club Appropriations funding: 

This form is now closed. Once open in Campus Groups, follow the steps below to apply for funding.

  • Log in to Campus Groups 
  • Once on your club’s main page click “Manage” in the center 
  • On the left side is a menu - towards the bottom click “Money”
  • The second tab is “Budgeting”, click on it and you'll see 2023-2024 Appropriations Funding.
  • Top right says “Create Budget Request” 
  • Follow the instructions on what to upload and submit. 

Things to Remember

  • You must upload quotes, unpaid invoices, or screen shots of items showing tax and shipping
  • Motorpool
    • You MUST receive an unofficial estimate from motorpool for ASUA Club Appropriations to consider for award. Email the motorpool office and ask for a quote with the details below.

      • vehicle type
      • number of vehicles 
      • date of trip
      • location traveling to and from 
      • if you will need any additional add ons like towing.
  • The board meets every Monday at 2:00pm. To be added on the agenda, you must complete the budget request by 2:00pm on Tuesday. A minute past the deadline and you will not be added until the following Monday. 
  • If you have any questions about your submission, email
  • You must receive an estimate/hold from student union event planning for ASUA Club Appropriations o consider for award.