Safe Ride

SafeRide is a free transportation service for University of Arizona affiliates. Since 1981, SafeRide has provided a nighttime alternative to walking alone on campus and in the Tucson community. It is managed and operated entirely by students under the sponsorship of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA). As an academic service, SafeRide's mission is to serve those going to or from campus, while also providing a friendly and official presence on the streets at night.

SafeRide is operated by two directors and three assistant directors. The two SafeRide Directors are students appointed by the ASUA Administrative Vice President each year. These Directors then select their assistants and the five of them hire supervisors and drivers. SafeRide is a completely student-run service with 40-50 paid student employees.

How do I get a ride?

We no longer have an app to use for ride requests. More updates to follow. 

Call us at 520-621-SAFE(7233) during normal operating hours. Tell the operator your location, destination, and how many people are in your group (up to four).

SafeRide provides rides between any two locations within our boundaries with the exception of downtown Tucson  Our boundaries include grocery stores, all main campus buildings and residence halls, apartment complexes, and more! 


SafeRide will be unable to transport children in car seats or booster seats, even if the adult traveling with the child secures the seat inside the vehicle. SafeRide drivers will not install car seats or booster seats inside SafeRide vehicles. SafeRide drivers have discretion to deny rides to riders with children who, in their opinion, may be under eight years of age and not more than four feet nine inches tall. 

For current operation hours, boundaries and other information, visit