ASUA Timeline

1925: John "Buttons" Salmon was the student body president and varsity quarterback who famously coined the phrase "bear down". 

1938: Student government members participate in the annual homecoming parade, which ASUA still continues to do today. 

1943: Edith White Hales was the first female student body president to be elected at the U of A. The school was facing the realities of World War II, and she led a student population where women outnumbered men three to one.  

1948: Morris "Mo" Udall was an ASUA president who went on to become Arizona's Congressman from District 2 for 30 years, from 1961-1991. 

1968: Students fought to change school policy, something ASUA members are still passionate about today. 

1969: Students campaign for student body positions on campus. 

1974: Randy Tufts, pictured on the right, was the former ASUA president who discovered Karchner Caverns with a friend. Tufts kept the caves a secret for 14 years, until he knew they would be kept safe by the Parks Service. 

1974: Spring Fling, now the largest student run carnival in the nation, began in the mid seventies at the U of A

1981: ASUA Safe Ride originally opened on March 9, 1981 with a budget of $1,000.

1984: Actor Greg Kinnear, who has appeared in flims such as Little Miss Sunshine and As Good as it Gets was an ASUA Senator from 1984-1985.

1985: Students in ASUA buried a time capsule near Old Main at this time, to be opened by ASUA members in 2085. 

2002: Zona Zoo, recently voted the best student section in the nation, was founded.