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The Associated Students of The University of Arizona is a representative organization led by University of Arizona students. Our mission is to serve, engage and empower the student body through advocacy and the provision of programs and resources.

Constitutional Amendment

The ASUA Senate voted on April 4th to present the proposed Constitutional amendment to the UArizona student body.
The ASUA Executive Team has prepared this amendment over the last year to improve accessibility and clarity within ASUA.  

Special elections are held April 27, 8:00am to April 28, 8:00pm.

Special Elections Results HERE

See the approved amendment language HERE.

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The ASUA Senate meetings will be held in the Agave room in the Student Union.

Join via Zoom using the link below:

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) is the student government on the University of Arizona campus that is comprised of students who are willing to go above and beyond and serve their school and peers. Through programs, policies, events and making sure the student voice is heard, ASUA is here to make sure that students are able to engage themselves in the University of Arizona and make their college years the most memorable yet. Our aim is to make sure that every single one of our peers is able to engage with the university through a wide spectrum of involvement opportunities which include everything from politics to event planning to changing campus for the better.

Student Legal Services

The Legal Services Office at ASUA provides one-half hour legal consultations with a licensed State of Arizona attorney free of charge.  Although we cannot provide legal representation in a case, we can give you information, advice, and referrals.  

If you are a University of Arizona student in need of legal advice or information, please submit your information HERE and we will contact you for an appointment


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