Club Funding

The ASUA Appropriations Board will allocate approximately $80,000 per semester to ASUA recognized clubs and organizations throughout the year at the University of Arizona. Club funding is a great financial resource for clubs to host events and travel to conferences or competitions. 

Requests are evaluated on how they educate, enhance, or enrich the University of Arizona and how they contribute to the educational mission of the University of Arizona. 

Recognized clubs are eligible to apply for up to $3,000 per year per club. We have a limited funding available and funds are never guaranteed. Do not rely on ASUA Club funding as your sole source of financial support.  

Rules & Timeline

  • The Appropriations Board meets every Monday at 2:00 pm
  • Completed applications are due every Thursday by 2:00 pm for consideration by the Appropriations Board in the following Monday's meeting
  • Applications must be awarded at the Appropriations Board meeting a minimum of 3 weeks before your event or travel occurs. 
  • Funds allocated by the board are not officially appropriated until the ASUA Senate confirms and approves them the Wednesday following your meeting. 
  • Recognized organizations can apply for general funding (covering merchandise, equipment, room reservations, etc) or travel funding (conference/competition registration, hotel or airbnb, and airfare only). 
  • Funding shall be rendered in amounts deemed appropriate and necessary by the ASUA Appropriations Board and approved by the ASUA Senate. 
  • Allocated funds may not be transferred from one budget category to another. Allocated funds must be used for the purpose outlined in the club funding budget proposal. 
  • At least one member of the group applying for funding MUST be present at the appropriations meeting to discuss the club’s proposal and answer questions. 
  • Incomplete applications will not be seen by the Appropriations Board. 
  • Reimbursement is based on receipts provided.  
  • Club Appropriations will only cover the cost for students and the events they host. 
  • The Appropriations Board reserves $80,000 per semester. Once this amount is awarded, funding will close until the following semester.
  • Clubs and organizations are only eligible for Club funding if they’re an ASUA recognized club 
  • Club’s who charge more than $500 in dues/membership fees are ineligible to apply for appropriations funding
  • Per Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), UA Printing and Publishing has the first right of refusal for all print jobs.
  • Clubs are limited to 3 original visits to the appropriations board per semester. 
  • For non-event related items, you must use your funds by the deadline in the semester they're awarded. Fall's deadline is the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break and the Spring deadline is the third Monday in April.

Rules and policies change each year as does the board who interpret the funding requests and guidelines. Just because you were awarded funding for something one year, doesn’t guarantee funding for the same thing another year. 

ASUA reserves the right to update or change rules and policies and/or the ASUA Club handbook without notice. 


  • Items must be purchased through ASUA directly.
  • ASUA will not purchase the same item 2 years in a row without proper justification. 
  • All packages delivered to ASUA must be picked up within 10 business days after arriving or ASUA will return the package and the club forfeits their award. 
  • You must use a vendor on the Universities list of approved vendors for all apparel and non-apparel items (clothing, marketing materials, tabling items, etc)
  • The ASUA & Bookstore logos must be included on all apparel and non-apparel items. You can find these logos on the ASUA website
  • It is the clubs responsibility to include all taxes, fees, and shipping on their budget requests. Only the amount awarded will be spent. 
  • Invoices & estimates must be current. Funding will not be considered if an old invoice or estimate is used. 
  • ASUA Club Appropriations emphasizes “on-campus experiences”. If your event is hosted off campus, you must provide reasoning for not hosting on campus and the board does not guarantee funding. 
  • You must receive an estimate/hold from student union event planning for ASUA Club Appropriations to be considered for award.

  • Travel funding is only processed through reimbursement directly to the club. 
  • Travel funding will only be considered for conference/competition registration, hotel or airbnb, and airfare only.  
  • Travel will only be considered for official conference or competitions.
  • Travel will only be considered for up to 4 members of a club for one trip.
  • ASUA Clubs will only cover the nightly rate of the cheapest hotel within 1 mile of your venue.
  • 4 students required per room which means we will only cover the cost of 1 hotel rooms per travel.
  • Motorpool will only be considered if the club obtains an unofficial estimate (email) from motorpool.

  • Food, gas, alcohol, awards/trophies, gifts, and flowers
  • Graduation stoles and cords
  • Decorations of any kind
  • Speaker/presenter fees, honorariums or their travel
  • Memberships of any kind 
  • Entertainment
  • Events not open to the entire student population
  • Items that fall into personal use 
  • Any part of an event at which alcoholic beverages will be served.
  • Non-University of Arizona students
  • Any part of a philanthropic event
  • Items intended for donation
  • Items which the club intends on selling or making a profit off
  • Social events which include but are not limited to: bonding events, off campus networking events, club retreats, de-stresser or mental health events.
  • Single items that exceed $500, including taxes. 
  • Uber, Lyft, Taxi, or any vehicle services outside of UA motorpool
  • Helium tanks or supplies from UA Cryogenics  
  • Apparel or non-apparel items
    • not purchased from a university approved vendor
    • shirts/uniforms/items that do not include the ASUA and bookstore logo.
    • More than 1/2 the total or up to $1,000 - whichever comes first. 
  • No headwear - per university contracts (beanies, visors, bucket hats, caps, etc.)
  • Reimbursement for any charge that would be payable after the use of the good/service is incurred by an organization (monthly bills, subscriptions, protection plans, -including amazon & insurance) 
  • Charges which ASUA is required to provide bank/card information into a non-ASUA staff member owned website or websites which cannot provide invoice-based payment.
  • Requests that have been on the agenda for three weeks without approval
  • Reimbursement requests for items already purchased 

This list is not exhaustive or all-inclusive and is left to the discretion of the ASUA Appropriations Board and ASUA Staff.  E-mail  ASUA Clubs at if you have questions on funding opportunities.

After your travel is complete, you must email your receipts, your funding award number, and your clubs W9 to the ASUA Administrative Associate to process. You will be reimbursed up to the amount determined by the Appropriations Board. If you do not submit your receipts within 30 days after your travel, you forfeit your reimbursement. Charges are reimbursed directly to the club only. 

If a motorpool vehicle is requested, you must submit the Motorpool Request Form found on Campus Groups. Once you return and receive your receipt, email it to ASUA to process your funding award. 

Administrative Associate

Christy Lynch

Funding can only be claimed after senate has approved appropriations allocations on Wednesday nights. You can begin claiming your funds on Thursday following your award. 

Email the ASUA business team your funding number and links/invoices to items for purchase. Charges are paid directly to the vendor by the ASUA office. We will NOT reimburse a club for general funding allocations. 

If you are reserving a room in the student union with ASUA appropriated funds you must pick up a funding slip from ASUA to provide to the student union event planning office. If not claimed within 30 days, the union will cancel your reservation. 

Shipping must be to a university address. If club does not have a university address, items will be shipped to ASUA and must be picked up within 10 business days of notice or they will be returned to vendor.

You funds must be used by the date of your event or your club forfeits the award. For non-event related items, you must use your funds by the deadline in the semester they're awarded. Fall's deadline is the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break and the Spring deadline is the third Monday in April.

Christy Lynch 

Administrative Associate 

Applications can be found on Campus Groups. 

Once open in Campus Groups, follow the steps below to apply for funding.

  • Log in to Campus Groups 
  • Once on your club’s main page click “Manage” in the center. 
  • On the left side is a menu - towards the bottom click “Money”
  • The second tab is “Budgeting”, click on it and you'll see 2024-2025 Appropriations Funding.
  • Top right says “Create Budget Request.” 
  • Follow the instructions on what to upload and submit.