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Should you have an inter-club or intra-club issue to file a complaint, please email

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Bank Letter

In order to create a club bank account or to change co-signers on an existing bank account, banks require a letter formally stating that an organization is formally recognized by the University of Arizona. Note that it may take up to 14 business days to process a bank letter request.

Direct Deposit

We now offer Direct Deposit for clubs receiving money or reimbursements from ASUA! Please complete Electronic Payment Authorization Form to authorize the University of Arizona to credit your organization directly to the account.

What is required in a club constitution

A student organization is required to have a Constitution that outlines the purpose of the club, roles of officers/members, requirements to hold meetings, and procedures for electing  and removing officers. Having these clearly spelled out eliminates confusion on handling issues and clarifies how the organization will run.

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