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About Us

The Wildcat Events Board (WEB) is a student run organization within ASUA that promotes the interest of the University of Arizona students by providing fun, social, and educational events to the University of Arizona. WEB aims to bring about a greater spirit of unity and cooperation among all students and to encourage the development of leadership abilities and other skills through participation in programming. Our events include concerts, speakers, themed social nights, open mic nights and much more within the UA Community.

Wildcat Events Board, previously known as Student Union Activities Board, is one of the oldest student-run organizations on campus. In order for the Wildcat Events Board to continue to bring social and educational events to campus, the students approved a referendum in 2013 to create a programming fee of $3.00 per semester to begin in August 2014. This programming fee is used to offset costs of the Wildcat Events Board to continue to bring concerts, comedians, speakers, late night programs, and more to the University.  Students may request a refund of the Programming Fee from the Wildcat Events Board. Refund requests must be submitted by the last day of classes of the current term. Refund requests may be submitted HERE.


The Wildcat Events Board is comprised of four committees: Special Events, Concerts, Arts & Entertainment, and Marketing. Each committee is responsible for the planning and execution of many events across campus, including large-scale and small-scale concerts, comedy events, movies on the mall, water park day, and much more!

​Special Events 

Design large and small scale activities and events while maintaining an inviting culture for the student body to enjoy. 


Plan large and small scale concerts that the study body will want to attend while maintaining a diverse musical culture.

Arts, Culture, & Entertainment

Create cultural, sustainable, and educational events that cater to diverse diverse audiences including workshops, classes, and special guest speakers for the student body to enjoy and experience.


Promote and enhance the presence of the WEB brand and its events to the entire student body through multimedia platforms and strategies.

For More Information: asua-web@email.arizona.edu


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