Pride Alliance

ASUA's Pride Alliance strives to create community and space for queer students at the University of Arizona. Pride Alliance is committed to fostering a safe environment so that LGBTQA+ students can thrive in a world that is increasingly fighting against us. We value active solidarity, and stand against all forms of injustice towards marginalized groups, including but not limited to: racism, colonialism, nationalism, capitalism, Zionism, ableism, queerphobia.




Pride Alliance is in the LGBTQ Resource Center

Student Union Memorial Center room 404-O



Pride Alliance is a for-credit, collaborative internship program housed within the LGBTQ+ Resource Center. This internship and class encourages the discussion of all things LGBTQ+ Liberation, particularly through the lens of sexual orientation, autonomy and advocacy, gender identity, and gender expression. 

If you have questions about TLS 495, email 

Brave your Heart  

A historical event where an open discussion on the spectrum of queen love is had in the LGBTQ+ Resource Center. 

Second Chance Prom 

A second attempt at the high school prom you always wanted, just with a more authentic you. Food, drinks, entertainment, and prom centered activities will be provided free of cost.

Coming out Week

A week full of events. Some historical events included queer movie nights, queer sex ed, and pronouns 101. 


Workshops are hosted regularly in the LGBTQ+ Resource Center with various topics. In the past, topics have included the below; 

  • Trans Sex Ed
  • Spill the Tea discussions
    •  An open discussion centered around unpacking and examining the concept and impact of ‘Cancel Culture’
    • Chosen Family
    • Black Queer Joy
  • Trans visibility panel