About Us

The Student Health Advocacy Committee (SHAC) originated in 1977 as a program within the University of Arizona's Campus Health Services and was later to integrated into UA's student government—Associated Students of The University of Arizona (ASUA)—to provide an important avenue for students seeking to improve the health of the campus community. SHAC is composed of students with an intense passion to help others.

Over thirty highly talented students comprise this year's committee and participate in organizing health promotion and prevention activities held throughout the year. SHAC also contributes to student health policy through involvement with various faculty committees and nationally recognized health campaigns. In recent years, SHAC has helped raise charitable donations, donate and setup an outdoor fitness stations entitled "UA-Fit," and with aid from Campus Health and ASUA implemented an annual 5K run/walk referred to as "Run for Your Life." SHAC has also spearheaded the Tobacco-free Campus and Arizona Health Science Center Campaign, provided Influenza Vaccinations to underserved individuals at Tucson Hopefest and trained various campus organizations in Chest Compression-only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Members sit on one or more of SHAC's focused subcommittees and various members hold seats and represent the voice of the student body on important campus-wide health interest committees including the Arizona Board of Regents Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee and the Health and Recreation Fee Planning Committee. SHAC's programs cover a broad range of health promotion topics that maintain awareness for students, faculty, and our community, which is why SHAC holds events in conjunction with other campus groups in addition to our own. SHAC also holds fundraisers and socials that enables the organization to continue as a cohesive and powerful agent of health advocacy on campus. Membership in SHAC is a great way for a student of any major, background, or interest to become involved in the health of our campus and community.

Additionally, our members benefit from personal interaction and connections at UA Campus Health, including interaction with doctors, pharmacists, and nurses. Our members, depending on the programs they are working on, will also be working with members of prestigious institutions such as the Will and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, Sarver Heart Center and the Arizona Cancer Center. Countless professional opportunities have blossomed from partnerships originally seeded by SHAC.


Student Nutrition Coalition

Promoting nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices at the UA campus through education and services.

Cooking on Campus 

Register for Cooking on Campus classes and learn how to cook healthy meals with our SNC chefs, or follow their blog to learn some healthy and delicious recipes you can try at home.

Dorm Room Eats 

A program developed in 2018 that provides U of A students living in residence halls the opportunity to learn nutritious, budget-friendly recipes and engage in hands-on cooking classes, free of charge.


Providing fitness education throughout reside Providing fitness education throughout residence halls and organizing IronCats, a weightlifting competition which benefits various charities


 An interactive and educational game developed to educate students learn about multiple aspects of physical health and fitness.


A weightlifting competition based on weight class, comprised of multiple measures of strength, including squats, tire flips, and chest press. Event registration is currently open to all UA students and the event will be held on the morning of March 17th. The winners from each weight class will be awarded various prizes and will be provided the opportunity to donate a sum of the IronCats fund to the charity of their choosing.


Branching SHAC projects and initiatives to the Tucson Community by teaching lessons at public schools, collaborations with well-known organizations, and volunteering with our community partners. Connecting our campus to the Tucson Community is the priority of this subcommittee. Outreach seeks out organizations to partner with on initiative, like Banner UMC with our HopeNotes initiative, volunteer with various organizations like the Tucson HopeFest and Out Of The Darkness walk for Suicide Prevention. Our regular events are lessons that are taught at local public schools incorporating topics from other SHAC subcommittees.

Health and Wellness

Educating both student and general Tucson population about current diseases and providing services to help lower disease risk.

The two major areas currently covered are preventable diseases by vaccinations and sexual health. Current projects include volunteering at Hopefest, setting up a vaccination clinic at a homeless shelter, creating a sexual health poster for distribution on campus, and making condoms and other sexual health resources accessible to students in residence halls.


Connecting SHAC with the UA Campus through social media and planning the Annual 5k

Run For Your Life 5k 

This is an annual race put on every year to raise money to subsidize flu vaccines for the Tucson HopeFest, an event that provides free food, clothes, toiletries, toys, health care, and other basic necessities to the underprivileged and undeserved people in the Tucson community for free.

Social Media 

This subcommittee maintains all of SHAC's social media presence.

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