The ASUA Elections process runs for nearly eight weeks. From the day candidate applications become available to the General Election Results Show, students pass through a rigorous campaign to become candidates. Once candidacy is established, students run to become elected officials of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona. Traditionally, candidates run on platforms, or goals and changes that they would like to see realized while in office. After candidacy is announced, the platforms of the candidates will be announced to the student body so that voters may gain additional criteria with which to vote. Everyone is encouraged to visit the ASUA office and aspiring candidates may contact any of the current elected officials at any time. For more information, visit asua.arizona.edu.

Additional research is encouraged by the reading of the 2017-2018 ASUA Elections Code, which is the body of policies by which all candidates must abide.

If there are any further questions, comments, or concerns, you may visit the Elections area in the ASUA Offices at any time or email Elections at ASUA-elections@email.arizona.edu

2018 Elections Code

For more information about the Elections Commission, visit: http://elections.asua.arizona.edu