About Bear Down Camp

Our Mission

The mission of ASUA’s Bear Down Camp is to provide a supplemental and integrative introduction to the University of Arizona for incoming freshmen students in order to improve their connection, retention, and overall success. BDC provides necessary survival tools while also supplying students with an opportunity to cultivate valuable relationships with fellow Wildcats and faculty early on during their college careers.

Core Objectives and Values

  • INTEGRATION & TRANSITION: Bear Down Camp strives to help incoming students transition from high school to college by educating Gatitos on how to succeed in both a social and academic collegiate environment.

  • CONTINUITY: Bear Down Camp provides a support system for all their campers, as well as a network of mentors and friendships they can turn to for the duration of their college careers. ​

  • PRIDE & TRADITION: Bear Down Camp is built on the foundation of pride and tradition. We teach important aspects of our heritage and traditions as a University. ​

  • INVOLVEMENT: Bear Down Camp believes involvement is the key to success at the University level, providing Gatitos with ways to get involved and excel in their field regardless of their interests.

  • EXCELLENCE & SUCCESS: Bear Down Camp is committed to giving every student the necessary tools for their road to success. The goal is to answer every question before setting foot in a classroom. ​

  • UNITY & INCLUSION: Bear Down Camp creates a sense of community at camp with the idea that no matter the individual, everyone is a Wildcat and has a place on campus.