Alternative Breaks


The Alternative Breaks program mobilizes University of Arizona students, faculty, and staff in service and experiential learning over academic breaks. Groups of students, faculty and staff advisors, travel across the United States and abroad to serve alongside non-profit organizations to meet community need.

Each service trip is mostly student-led and is designed for students to think critically about the root causes of social issues and empower them with the necessary skills to be an active citizen in the community through direct service, education, and reflection. During these trips, students are encouraged to gain a better understanding of social justice, servant leadership, and evaluating their place in society. 

The mission of the Alternative Break Program is to engage students in meaningful and collaborative community service in an effort to create lifelong active citizens who create equitable change in the communities they live and the university. Fundamentally, we believe injustice exist and it is our responsibility to challenge the status quo and a make positive impact in the community.

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Arizona Alternative Breaks are service trips. As volunteers, our purpose is to serve humbly with respect and integrity. Volunteers must be present and flexible while working in the community to create a positive relationship with the organizations they serve. 

AAB is a community of diverse individuals who come together to create an inclusive space for all to serve and collaborate to create a more equitable society. Every individual has a vested interest in the well-being of the community and, therefore, an obligation to stay informed, to make positive contributions and to offer assistance to those in need of our service.

Gain an understanding of all perspectives of the issue, including the lived experiences of others and share what you have learned with others. 

Throughout this experience, Bear Down! Challenges may arise but being able to adapt and embrace whatever may occur will be the key to having a successful alternative break experience. 

This Chinese saying means “little by little, even the water drops could penetrate the hard stone”. Often times we serve and desire to see a significant change in the community. Change is slow, and the AAB program is part of large movement of volunteers that work to make a difference. The service that you do today goes a long way in penetrating the stone tomorrow.  


Arizona Alternative Breaks (AAB) is a service program designed to engage students in meaningful and collaborative community service in an effort to create lifelong active citizens who create equitable change in the communities they live, as well as sustainable change at the university. 


Our program is driven by a set of core values that emphasize the importance of quality service and acknowledge the harm that poorly executed service can have on a community and non-profit organization. These principles are utilized in all decision making regarding the program and to ensure our students, faculty, and staff are trained and educated to provide the best service to all communities.