ASUA Leadership Development Series

The ASUA Leadership Development Series cultivates emerging leaders through dynamic presentations and workshops. Tailored to empower individuals across diverse backgrounds, this series fosters essential skills and perspectives necessary for effective leadership in today's complex world. Participants engage in interactive sessions led by seasoned professionals, gaining insights into communication, teamwork, decision-making, and more. Through a blend of theory and practical application, attendees hone their abilities to inspire, influence, and innovate within their communities and beyond. With a focus on personal growth and community impact, the ASUA Leadership Development Series equips participants with the tools and confidence to thrive in leadership roles.


The Patrick Mitchell ASUA Student Leadership Programming fund is designed to fund leadership programming, lectures/speakers, or any other development activities that engage students with the organization and encourage them to seek higher positions within student government. This fund was started through a generous donation from a past ASUA participant whose experience was incredibly moving, and desired other students to have a similar experience.
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By participating in the ASUA Leadership Development Series you will:

  • Develop and enhance your leadership skillset 
  • Foster a supportive community of peer student leaders through collaboration and networking
  • Promote self-awareness and personal growth through reflective exercises, feedback mechanisms, and goal-setting
  • Learn practical tools and strategies to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in your respective leadership roles
  • Foster a deeper understanding of social responsibility, ethical leadership, and inclusive practices
Seating is limited so make sure to register below. You will either receive a registration confirmation or a waitlist notification.


Pete McGraw

Pete McGraw

Coordinator for the Campus Pantry | University of Arizona

Motivational Interviewing

Wednesday, February 28th  5:30PM-6:30PM | Santa Rita Room, Student Union Memorial Center

Utilizing motivational interviewing can empower students to achieve their academic, personal, and career goals. By using empathetic listening, open-ended questions, and reflective statements, student leaders can guide peers in clarifying their aspirations, addressing ambivalence, and developing strategies for success. Whether it's academic performance, career planning, time management, or personal development, motivational interviewing offers a collaborative and empowering approach to help college students unlock their potential and thrive in their collegiate journey.


Registration closes February 21st.


Analía Cuevas Powell

Assistant Dean of Students - Student Assistance | University of Arizona 

Peer Crisis Support

Tuesday, March 19th | 5:30PM-6:30PM  ASUA Office (Suite 325), Student Union Memorial Center

Dean of Students-Student Assistance is a central support hub for all students at our university, aiming to assist with various challenges including personal crises, life traumas, health issues, and academic struggles. We aim to foster a caring culture on campus, working hard to ensure all students feel supported and equipped to thrive. Learn more about Student Assistance and cases of concern that impact students the most this time of year. With greater awareness on these issues, you can explore ways to assist as students leaders to actively advocate and support peers. 


Registration closes March 15th.


Ashley Carter

Associate Director for University Events | University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Resilience & Coping Strategies

Thursday, April 4th | 5:30PM-6:30PM  Kachina Lounge, Student Union Memorial Center

Learn what it means to be a resilient student leader, the 7 C’s of resilience, and how to build resiliency as a student leader through practical tools and applications. During this time, you will also discover the 4 different types of coping strategies (cognitive, behavioral, emotion-focused, and occupation-focused). Identify both healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms that exist amongst student leaders and understand how to professionally display strategies. 


Registration closes March 28th.