Tara Singleton

ASUA Student Body President

Transparency and Visibility- ASUA should engage its constituents with clear and effective communication, visible to all. Student government is here to represent the entire student body, not just those in student government. Students should have a clear view of what their representation looks like and what ASUA has to offer for them. I hope to achieve this through...

1-  Communicating to the student body about ASUA initiatives and progress
2-  Centralizing resources for student access
3-  Creating a feedback system where students can openly express concerns and wants

Civic Engagement- Student populations across the country are historically underrepresented in national elections. U of A students should have access to the information and resources they need to become educated voters. My goals for this platform include...

1-  Unifying voter registration opportunities on campus
2-  Facilitating voting opportunities for students to make it more accessible 
3- Sponsoring a voter resource fair where students can become more informed and take the necessary steps towards voting

Impact of Involvement- Both graduation and retention rates are positively impacted by student involvement. Being involved on campus has major benefits for students both during and after college. Through ASUA, students should be given the tools to pursue and join organizations that will add to their experience at U of A. I want to increase the club registration through U of A and connect students with organizations of interests when they arrive on campus. This includes...

1-  Continuing events such as the ASUA Open House
2-  Encouraging and empowering students to get involved past their freshman year
3-  Emphasizing the benefits of campus involvement that include well-being and post graduate work