Swathi Ramkumar

College of Engineering Senator

As engineering students, we all seek to find the solutions to the problems we see around us. Throughout my time at the College of Engineering, my involvement within the community has taught me that my experiences can help me develop a better path for all students. My goal is to bridge the gap between students and professors to foster a deeper understanding of course material and applications within industry. I also wish to design an outreach/mentorship program for both underclassmen and upperclassmen for opportunities in the industry, within the university, and abroad. I believe we also deserve an enhanced engineering experience by partnering with local organizations for the betterment of the community. Lastly, I believe that creating a cohesive community within the engineering college to cultivate personal and academic growth is fundamental to our stories as college students.  I hope to be able to represent the 2,500 students who call this college home.

2020-2021 Senators