Ross Nemeth

W.A Franke Honors College Senator
Ross Nemeth.JPG

I am running for senator of the W.A Franke Honors College to help to build and grow the college's national platform and increase opportunities for student of the honor's college. 

Fiscal Resources: The Honors College costs and additional $450 per semester. I want to ensure that this money is being used to grow the Honor's college and to create more opportunities for Honors college students through making study abroad programs cheaper, additional scholarships, increased internship opportunities and advising, and other resources to make student life as an honors college student better.

Community: Living in Honors Village is a great way to build a honors college community, but if you do not live at HV, or you have moved out, you can feel very isolated from the Honors college itself. I would like the college to host more networking events, not just for freshmen, but for upperclassmen looking for career opportunities. 

Schooling: Currently, Honors contracts can only be used for up to 12 units, I would like to see that number increased. Increasing the number of available honor sections for specific major courses instead of only general education units would help this issue as well.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Working towards ensuring that the W.A Franke Honors College is welcoming and inclusive to all people of all backgrounds. The college should be a safe space where anybody can be comfortable being their true selves, and growing to become the best version of themselves. 

Lastly, I would run to be a representative of the student's of the W.A Franke Honors college. I pride myself on being open, honest, and a hard worker. I will work hard to make sure that every student's voice is heard and that their needs are addressed. The W.A Franke Honors college has amazing students and faculty, and growing the college and it's reputation is a high priority for me.