Rodrigo Robles


Hello, Fellow Wildcats 

My name is Rodrigo René Robles and I am a sophomore at the University of Arizona studying Business hopefully pursuing Business Management at Eller College of Management with a minor in Spanish. I am re-electing for Student Body Senator because I want to keep a legacy from a former Student Body President and former Senator that represented from my hometown which is Nogales, Sonora, and Arizona that being involved in this organization by helping the Wildcat Community.  

Focus on Diversities Clubs / Organizations at the University of Arizona

What I learned from being a Senator is that I like to help others meaning I always reach out to clubs at the University of Arizona that need to know how to apply for funding, how-to sign-up events at the Mall, and of course, Spring Fling. So, I want to expand more to clubs that are more into the diversity aspect at the University of Arizona. Also, organizations that started a new club at the University of Arizona.