Patrick Robles

Presidential Chief of Staff: Edwardo Barron

Hey Wildcats! My name is Patrick Robles and I am running to be your next ASUA Student-Body President. Culture and community is what I am about. I was born and raised in the Southside of Tucson, Arizona. As a first-generation college student, that Wildcat spirit has always followed me throughout my life, going to UA football games with my family reminded me of how sacred this campus is to all and what there is to fight for. If you elect me as your next ASUA Student-Body President let's build community and and uplift an inclusive culture for all.

Here is what I will fight for:

Government accessibility and transparency- because I know how frustrating it is to have a government that doesn't work for you.

24/7 libraries- because I know how it feels to lack resources crucial to achieving success. You should be able to study and access on-campus resources at any time of day.

Mental Health care- because all students should be able to thrive here and get the help that we deserve. Lets expand access to quality resources.

Greater voice and representation for cultural centers and BIPOC communities- because I know what it feels like to see a government that doesn't reflect the people.

Wildcats, this is our campus and this is our time. I would be honored to fight for you as our next ASUA Student-Body President. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any concerns or ideas. Let's create a campus that we can be proud of. Vote Patrick Robles.
Bear down.