Paige Campbell

College of Nursing Senator

OFFICE HOURS: Monday: 4pm-5pm on Zoom 89725799625 Thursday: 10am-5pm Friday: 4pm-5pm on Zoom 89725799625

My name is Paige Campbell, and I am running to be the next senator for the College of Nursing (CON). Being a junior and 2nd semester Nursing-BSN student, I have come to be familiar with both our amazing faculty and students, and our college’s values. It is both of these that form the base of my platform. 
     My primary goal is to serve as a voice for my college and help further our values of integrity, compassion, exploration, adaptation, inclusion, and determination. I am passionate about doing this through professional development, more opportunities for direct communication, and by creating a stronger tie between CON, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA), and campus as a whole. 
      I aim to use professional development programs to promote adaptation, exploration, and determination. Programs directed at the transition into the workforce would hopefully provide our students with the skills to start their nursing careers and make the professional aspects of job hunting easier.
     Creating new, pandemic-friendly, lines of direct communication would foster CON’s goals of inclusion, integrity, and compassion. It is important to me to encourage open communication and to offer ample opportunities for suggestions and feedback. This trickles down into the idea of creating a closer tie between CON, ASUA, and the university. I plan to use this feedback to not only support and advocate for my peers, but to also further facilitate the working relationship between CON and ASUA. 
     I look forward to possibly representing the College of Nursing and promoting a professional and communicative environment based in our community’s values. 

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