Noah Vega

Noah Vega

2021-2022 Student Body President

Having been a part of ASUA since my sophomore year, I've joined various clubs and organizations. These experiences have allowed me to connect to the student body and understand what it means being involved on campus. While working as EVP I want to dive more into diversity, equity and inclusion trainings and courses within the student body. This is the foundation for students as they learn about inclusive environments to show what it means being a Wildcat. 

Focusing on a basic resource center which would help expand campus closet and campus pantry. During the pandemic students have struggled with food and clothing insecurities. It is the job of the student body to hold the University accountable in terms of providing greater support to students in need.

With recent events, campus safety is at the top of the list, installing security cameras at parking garages and high traffic locations on campus. My sophomore year I served as policy director and in my interview, I mentioned an increased number of lights on campus which bring greater security and visibility to campus. 

Furthering plans for communicating with administrators and fostering a great relationship with them as we focus on student needs. Whether it’s funding or activism. Students must be heard and need to voice their concerns and hold the University accountable. This has always been a talking point, the ASUA is growing future leaders. The U of A shapes 40,000 students every year, it's time to speak for them and make the change.

Finally, focusing on mental health and raising proper funding for various CAPS locations. These centers don’t have enough support on campus, and it needs to be addressed. Pressing these initiatives in meetings is how we shape the culture of how we fund our university.