Marisol Ibarra

College of Medicine Senator
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My name is Marisol Ibarra and I am a third-year Physiology student hoping to serve as your Senator for the College of Medicine. As a first-generation college student and a woman of color, I know firsthand how intimidating it can be to get involved at a university of this size and especially in one of the biggest science majors on campus. As Senator, I would like to improve upon existing programs both within and outside of the College of Medicine to ensure that every student in the college has the resources necessary for success in both their undergraduate and professional career. Overall, I want to improve the inclusivity, learning, and mentoring programs in the College of Medicine. 

                One of my primary goals if elected as Senator for the College of Medicine is to connect students to experiences outside of academics that will help foster their success in applying to jobs or professional schools post-graduation. I would like to implement a program akin to Research Matchmaking for clinical and/or shadowing experiences that physiology majors seek out. I would also like to collaborate with resources centers outside of the college of medicine in order to provide even more diverse opportunities specifically for physiology students.

                In the time I’ve been involved at the University of Arizona I’ve had experience as a Supplemental Instruction Leader, so I am familiar with how much collaborative learning improves learning outcomes. As your Senator, I would advocate for more collaborative learning spaces on campus and hold our professors responsible for implementing collaborative learning techniques.

                Finally, I would like to implement a peer mentoring program within the College of Medicine. As a former peer mentor, I know the logistics behind running a mentor program, and the many benefits it can have for first-year students and beyond. I would love for every student to have a mentor specific to their needs, whether that’s a freshman wanting to talk to a senior about what their major is like, or a junior wanting to know more about a professional school application from a first-year grad student. 

                I know that the platforms above do not address every concern about the College of Medicine, and therefore I am open to hearing any further concerns you may have. If elected as Senator, I promise to be an advocate for physiology students by making myself available, and if desired, holding open forums for College of Medicine students where we can discuss as a group what can be improved upon.