Louise Lalescu

College of Science Senator

OFFICE HOURS: Monday: 9am-11am Tuesday: 8am-11am Wednesday: 9am-11am Thursday: 8am-11am Friday: 2pm-4pm

The ideals of diversity and inclusion are primary to my campaign’s platform. As a woman in data science, it is disheartening to see my classrooms filled with over 80% men. Not only can it be intimidating to women, it can also be challenging to connect and communicate with peers because of the closed-off environment created by a lack of inclusion. As a student senator, my main goal will be to increase interest, participation, and retention within the College of Science among minority groups, especially women in STEM. As a student senator for the College of Science, I will be the cheerful smile that is always ready to greet and listen to one of my fellow students. I want to be a voice that is representative of the student body, a voice that is never afraid to speak up and won’t back down. I promise to always be fair, reasonable, and ethical, and to always be available to the student body. That is why I am running on a platform of honesty, accessibility, and integrity. I believe that the Senate should be more transparent in its proceedings, more interactive with the student body, and should act with only the best intentions in mind when making major decisions on the behalf of the university’s student body. If elected, I pledge to embody these three traits as I hope to inspire others around me to do the same.

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