Kyle Kline

Kyle Kline

2021-2022 Administrative Vice President

My name is Kyle Kline (he/she/they) and I’m running to serve as your ASUA Administrative Vice President on the following campaign.

ASUA Programs and Services Empowerment: ASUA is a primary resource for multiple underrepresented student populations. These programs and services must be protected, prioritized, and advanced, now more than ever. I hope to advance the inclusivity of programs and services by opening direct communication within ASUA and campus administration to advance all student identities, combat marginalization, and provide increased student services.

Institutional Sustainability: Tucson is the third fastest warming city in the United States and UArizona will play a pivotal role in creating a just and equitable future for students. UArizona still does not have an operable climate action plan. I plan to spearhead a Students for Sustainability-led action committee to develop an equitable campus climate plan in conjunction with the City of Tucson and campus leadership. Environmental and climate injustice directly threaten our generation and frontline communities. We must take bold campus action to ensure we have a future in which to use our degrees.

Mandate Transparency and Accessibility: ASUA processes and activities should be as open and accessible as possible to best serve the student body. I hope to develop resources for students to easily engage with ASUA opportunities, access resolution and referendum protocols, request needed support, and provide honest input. These resources will allow you to use ASUA representatives to work for you and better your university experience to the greatest extent possible.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and strengthen UArizona. Bear down!