Khaled Sleiman

Principal IT Support Analyst

A UofA Wildcat, married to a UofA Wildcat, father of three UofA Wildcats, Khaled started his student employment with ASUA in the late 1980’s. At that time, he was charged with producing a computer generated weekly housing list as well as designing and marketing the yearly published Off-Campus Housing Book. Upon graduating with a Computer Engineering degree, he was asked to introduce computer networking to the ASUA department in the early 90’s where he was in charge of the network including server administration, security and user management. He was also credited for the technology and marketing evolution of ASUA’s many existing and newly created programs such as Spring Fling, Legal Services (online Scheduling), SafeRide Dispatch, ZonaZoo, Online Student Elections, Sustainability, Wildcat Events Board, Bear Down Camp among others. 

During his 25+ years of employment at the UofA, Khaled lent his expertise in technology to other UofA units including the Dean of Students Office, Student Union, Bookstore, Greek Life as well as GPSC. Khaled now oversees all aspects of IT management of the Department. ASUA now employs a diverse IT environment ranging from wired and wireless networks, multiple web development servers that host websites available to the more that 500 university of arizona clubs and organizations, cloud storage, domain management, multimedia tools and office equipment. Khaled also advises the marketing team in ASUA. He provides support and training to the team in all aspects of graphic design, multimedia, web development and social media. Khaled is the go to person for questions regarding university of arizona branding and its policies.

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