John (Jack) Haskins

John (Jack) Haskins

College of Fine Arts Senator

Hey Fine Arts Wildcats!

My name is Jack Haskins and I am currently a freshman enrolled in the Dance and PPEL majors! Although I’m fairly new to the University of Arizona, I’ve been practicing dance for 11 years and hold it as one of my greatest passions. Even more so, I’m dedicated to serving others in the best ways I know how and I’m confident that would be as your Fine Arts representative. Some of my major platforms include...

  • Streamlining communication and collaboration between CFA majors of varying fields.
  • Bolstering campus-wide exposure for the work of CFA majors and exploring opportunities for students to create work in the name of progressing the University.
  • Addressing the issues unique to each CFA major and the students within them.

I understand the hard work and dedication that goes into perfecting one’s craft and I know that same talent and motivation which got every CFA student to the position they’re in now can be a powerful unifier for students within and outside of the College of Fine Arts. I hold inclusivity, ingenuity, honesty, and compassion as some of my most valued qualities in leadership and the attitudes which define every artist! Thank you and bear down!!!