Jack Healy

Eller College of Management Senator

OFFICE HOURS: Monday: 12pm-2pm Tuesday: 9am-12pm Wednesday: 12pm-2pm Thursday: 9am-12pm

As the ASUA senator for the Eller College of Management, my clear priority will to be as available and transparent as possible with the student body that I represent. The last year has been difficult for almost every single student at the university, and all too often us students have been left searching for answers, looking for resources, and many of us may feel lost. As your ASUA representative, it would be my goal to ensure that every member of the student body has the accessibility they deserve to a high-quality student-led support system as well as the ability to get answers to their questions directly and truthfully. Although our phenomenal professors are great resources for information and validation alike, it can be very positive for students to feel like they have a student-led resource that is both accessible and comfortable to them. As the ASUA senator for the Eller College of Management, I will be that resource that will answer the phone at 3am, that will sit in office hours for two hours with you if you have been struggling in any way, and I will be the resource that you can always count on to make time for you.

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