Jack Haskins

College of Fine Arts Senator

Two years ago, I ran for ASUA with the goals of promoting inter-school community within the College of Fine Arts and crating more spaces for student artists to share their work. Thanks to the support of CFA students and administration we've accomplished those goals. I've had the privilege of directing our CFA Lead + Understudy Peer Mentorship program in its first year and I'm excited to expand and improve it for next year! Almost 70 students from the four schools registered this year. Some paired within their own major to receive guidance from upperclassmen, and many others matched with students across different schools to open up opportunities for collaboration and mutually grow in their artistry! Last year we presented the Virtual Student Showcase, which allowed CFA students to present any work of theirs from quarantine under the Arizona Arts umbrella as a means of gaining professional experience for their portfolio. This year, I've collaborated with leaders from the Students for Sustainability, Wildcat Events Board, and the College of Fine Arts to host an Environmental Arts Celebration in the Center for Creative Photography on Earth Day. All kinds of artwork dedicated to or inspired by the natural world will be on display, from culinary, to musical, fashion, dance, and more. Applications will go out in the coming weeks for students to submit their work. We're also working on a mural project for the ASUA office! This community effort will task School of Art members to consult with various ASUA departments and design one or more murals that represent ASUA and the Wildcat experience. We plan to vote upon this project in the coming weeks and begin designing. At the foundation of my service to the College of Fine Arts and the University of Arizona is a dedication to ensuring students are supported equitably. Senator Elli and I are proud to have met with DEI and Gen-Ed leadership last year so we could author and pass a resolution for Equity in Course Curriculum. I also continue to advocate for access to healthy, affordable, and sustainable food on campus as one of several students advising Student Unions while they attempt to restructure their operations. I'm very proud of these projects and initiatives, but even they are just part of what I've helped accomplish in the last couple years. For my final term, I hope to expand upon our accomplishments and work towards creating new opportunities for student to grow closer with one another and achieve their own success at Arizona!