Jack Haskins

College of Fine Arts Senator

OFFICE HOURS: Monday: 1pm-5pm Thursday: 9am-10am Friday: 2pm-5pm

I’ve had the honor of serving the College of Fine Arts (CFA) this past year and in the process, I’ve learned a lot about the function of ASUA and the greater UA community. As an incumbent candidate, I have the unique opportunity to continue the initiatives I’ve been working on and not be encumbered by learning the ropes as any ordinary candidate. My highest priority is building community among the four schools within the ASUA. This year I’ve sought to accomplish that by collaborating with CFA Ambassador President Kaissy Yau on a possible Fine Arts Student Showcase in April and by participating in the new CFA Mentorship Program designed by Dance major Noah Huang! With the hopes of a more COVID-free world next year, I’ll be working with the CFA administration to host events that encourage collaboration and communication between CFA students such as the arts festivals I was originally planning for this year, which would be centered around topics such as climate justice and identity. On my platform of encouraging climate change consciousness, I’ll be continuing to work with the Office of Sustainability, its partners, and Cultural Centers to determine how we can foster a stronger culture of sustainability on campus that is based in equity, inclusivity, and practicality. Another major platform of mine is working to establish a more equitable experience for students inside and out of the CFA. By working with CFA Dean Schulz, as well as the deans of several other colleges, the Undergraduate Council, and Vice Provost of Diversity and Inclusion Ivy Banks on the topic of equity in course curriculum, I have a more firm idea of where the University is at and where it ought to go in the coming years. My final platform is to encourage more student representation at the administrative level. UA Admin have made a more pronounced effort to gauge student opinions this year and I’ve been working to establish that as a precedent for future classes at UA so that decisions made on behalf of the student body can be made in a more effective and equitable manner.

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