Isabelle Perea

College of Science Senator

If elected to the position, I hope to create a new system in which students in the College of Science are able to have access to research more efficiently. The current method is that often advisors might send an email out to inform student of a position attaching the lab coordinator's email and encouraging students to reach out. Another common method is simply going on the undergraduate research website and emailing every lab until an opening is found or someone replies. I firsthand have dealt with this issue, when trying to apply for research positions. Not only is this time-costly, it also does not ensure that students will be given an opportunity to find a lab. My idea to fix this issue, is developing a website in which students, and faculty are able to connect, making applications for research positions more accessible, and sorting the responses to the lab director more manageable. Allowing students to get the most out of their undergraduate experience, and research more accessible to all.