Esther Lopez

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Senator

Hello, I am Esther Lopez, the candidate running for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Representative position within the ASUA Senate. I am currently majoring in Agriculture Tech Management with an emphasis in Leadership and Communications, two of my biggest passions in life. My platform is grounded on building a stronger community within CALS, advocating for the rights of students, and showcasing how invaluable the students and faculty of CALS are to the University of Arizona.. 

From Plant Sciences to Family Studies & Human Development, the 18 majors available within CALS create a unique atmosphere. My plan is to collaborate with faculty and students in continuing to create welcoming and inclusive events within CALS. As a first generation, low-income student I have encountered the feelings of uncertainty and doubt. No matter their background, no student should struggle with this fear and go through it alone. It is incredibly important that resources provided by CALS for students are communicated and shared with all. My goal also is to normalize the impact mental health has on students, both in high and low stress situations we encounter regularly.

I am excited for this opportunity to be able to build a strong community within CALS and represent the students in the college.