Elsa Ayon

College of Education Senator
OFFICE HOURS: Monday: 12:30pm-3:30pm on Zoom 96297815605 with Passcode: 123 Wednesday: 2pm-5pm Thursday: 9am-1pm

As College of Education Senator, I would be honored to create more events and opportunities for students from my college to socialize and make connections with other colleges. Creating events where they could hear more about after-graduation opportunities or a panel board to ask more about their major or speaking to current educators, principals or members of the community will help current College of Education students feel more comfortable in their profession after graduating. 
Having a place for them to feel comfortable in voicing their concerns is important to me, I would speak on behalf of them so I want them to trust in me. It would be my honor to be considered College of Education Senator. I am in the bilingual cohort so I believe that I will bring some diversity and other perspectives to ASUA.