Carly Snell

Carly Snell

College of Science Senator

University Affiliations:

  • Bobcat Senior Honorary - Vice President

As a student in the College of Science (Mathematics BS), College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Political Science BA), and W.A. Franke Honors College, I have had the unique opportunity to experience the best of what these Colleges have to offer their students at the University of Arizona. With this multifaceted perspective, I hope to better the College of Science by improving upon our strengths while emulating successful programs I have witnessed firsthand in both SBS and Honors.

More specifically, I have noticed distinct cultural differences in the College of Science as compared to my experiences outside of the College. Let’s face it - College of Science students take some of the most rigorous, demanding and sometimes overwhelming courses at the University. This environment - especially during a tumultuous pandemic - has acted as a major stressor for many College of Science students as they work their way towards graduation.

I hope to improve the lives of College of Science students as your Senator by creating a culture where students are no longer afraid of asking for help. Whether that be academic, personal or other kinds of assistance, College of Science students should feel encouraged to look to their College’s professors, faculty, programs and other resources for help. I aspire to transform the current College of Science culture into one that is more responsive and less intimidating to its students during my time in the ASUA Senate.

In order to achieve this outcome, I plan to increase transparency between College of Science administrators, faculty and students. For instance, I admire the Mathematics Department’s hefty and regular information dissemination efforts from advisors to students through methods as simple as email listservs. As your Senator, I hope to expand this administration-to-student information channel both within the Mathematics Department and the greater College of Science. Students deserve equitable and seamless access to important graduate education, career planning, research and internship opportunities and information from our College.

Along a similar vein, I plan to promote a culture of greater diversity, equity and inclusion within the College as your Senator. My experiences as a woman in the College of Science have opened my eyes to the need for improved inclusivity and diversity in both our classrooms and overall program culture in order to create a better learning environment for all College of Science students. I promise to be attentive to the desires and needs of College of Science students regardless of their major, demographic background or other interests in order to work toward my aforementioned plan for improving the College’s culture.

If elected as your College of Science Senator, I promise to serve as your advocate in the ASUA Senate, effectively acting as a liaison between students and College administrators in order to improve the holistic student experience within our incredible College.