Anisa Hermosillo

College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture Senator

My name is Anisa Hermosillo and it is my primary goal, if elected as Senator of the College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA), to humbly represent my college and serve as the voice of CAPLA in the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA). I promise to work hard and diligently to connect the CAPLA students to the events and opportunities on the University’s campus and vice versa. I promise to uphold the dignity and prestige of my college through my actions and communication between ASUA and CAPLA students. I promise to create a better environment within CAPLA that encourages the outside engagement in extracurricular activities and organizations throughout the University’s campus. Not only would I serve as the voice of CAPLA, but I will be the individual that enacts positive change in CAPLA that coincides with the University’s policies and betters the college’s environment as a whole. Furthermore, I will connect the current student-lead organizations better to the ASUA’s programs and opportunities, as well as to each other to strengthen our own student organizations within the college. It is my belief that CAPLA can and will be able to engage our student population more in opportunities worthwhile to them, and it is my belief that I can be the catalyst to creating an interactive and vibrant atmosphere within CAPLA and ASUA.