Amal Anilkumar

Amal Anilkumar

College of Medicine-Tucson Senator

Hello, my name is Amal Anilkumar and I am a junior at the University of Arizona majoring in Physiology with a minor in Biochemistry. I am running for the College of Medicine- Tucson Senator, and there are a number of initiatives that I hope to undertake if provided this prestigious opportunity.

I have gathered throughout my time here at the university that mental health and certain stigma have been significant issues with many students who plan on pursuing rigorous careers in their futures. With the workload that comes with certain courses as well as extracurriculars that may prove to be time consuming, I firmly believe that there should be easily accessible sources of support for students to retain their mindfulness, having the easy access to CAPS and other resources without having to undergo the scrutiny of their peers. I also believe having easier access to physical recreation opportunities are crucial to one's mental state, and I want to be able to work with Campus Recreation to work a more accessible plan for those who are just starting to learn how to be physically well.

Other facets of our university and community that I would like to improve on include community outreach and engagement within the College of Medicine. With our university providing more events that benefit both students and the Tucson community, including philanthropic events that can potentially be coordinated with other clubs on campus, I believe this would be an excellent method to improving student engagement while improving the Tucson community. Events can include food and/or clothing drives, volunteer events, etc. With regards to interactions within the College of Medicine, I believe many students will benefit from events that may involve both undergraduate and graduate students in the college. This can include more in-person involvement with research labs on campus, and collaborative events between the undergraduate physiology department and the MD program in the University of Arizona.

One more initiative that I would like to pursue in, if not already being undertaken, is the food insecurity on campus. There are the issues of expensive meal plans for incoming freshmen that can lead to negative impacts on diet and physical well-being, and I would like to work towards a healthier plan that benefits our students physically and financially. This can include changes to food court options, such as the ones present at Highland Market and 85 North, and potential extra meal plan options.

I would like to pursue some or all of these issues, which can be improved even further within our university with the help of the ASUA Senate and collaborators. Thanks to ASUA for providing students with this opportunity, and I hope to be your College of Medicine- Tucson Senator!