Alexandra Devereux

2021-2022 Executive Vice President

OFFICE HOURS: Monday: 12pm-5pm Tuesday: 1pm-3pm Wednesday: 12pm-3pm Thursday: 1pm-3pm Friday: 12pm-5pm

Hello! I am Ally Devereux and I am running for the position of Executive Vice President in the Associated Students at the University of Arizona. This past year I had the pleasure of holding the position of Senator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, along with being in other clubs and organizations on campus. My time in the ASUA Senate has been extremely valuable and rewarding, but I found myself needing more time. I had the privilege of helping spearhead amendments to the Student Code of Conduct, incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on campus, prioritize cultural centers, host a Q&A with Noam Chomsky, and foster a more welcoming Wildcat community. Although I am exceedingly proud of the work my Senate class and I did this past year, I know there is more I can do. Having already been a part of the conversation, I feel strongly about my knowledge and passion about these projects. I want to continue these, but also help ASUA become an even more massive resource to students on campus. We’re here for the students, so I want ASUA to be a bigger and better entity that clubs, organizations, and all students alike can reach out to for support. 

2021-2022 Executive Officers