Alexandra Devereux

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator

As Senator for Social and Behavioral Sciences, some areas that I would be passionate about would be professional development, a strong relationship with ASUA, and study abroad opportunities. I would try to implement a career fair and have certain majors be encouraged to go to certain booths to talk about internship opportunities, as well as post-grad plans. I would also try to cultivate a positive environment between the students of SBS and myself. I am involved with various clubs around campus and plan on being involved more, so I would aim to be a familiar face in ASUA to encourage a stronger and more direct relationship with students in my college to help make SBS better for them. I would also try to find more study abroad opportunities for students in SBS. I have noticed that there aren’t that many global study abroad opportunities within the Social and Behavioral Sciences majors as there are for others, so I would try to find ways to give SBS students the opportunity to learn in more unique environments. 

2020-2021 Senators