2023 Elections Candidates


Alyssa Sanchez

Hello, my name is Alyssa Sanchez. A little bit about myself is that I was born and raised here in Tucson, Arizona, I’m in my third year of education here at the University, and finally, I constantly strive for a better future, not just for myself but also uplifting those around me as well. My values and work ethic reflect the Tucson community, a community I would like to extend here to all students on campus no matter where they come from. I can achieve this through my platforms, my platforms include creating transparency from ASUA to the student body, being more connected and active with the cultural and resource centers, and being the students biggest advocate by listening to them, being the change they want to see. I would also like to continue fare free transit for all students on campus without increasing tuition. 

Andrew K. Pongrátz

Hey Wildcat Family, my name is Andy Pongratz, and I am running to be our next Student Body President at the University of Arizona. I am an undergraduate student studying Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (PPEL) through the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, along with a secondary major in Economics through the Eller College of Management.

As a native Tucsonan, UArizona is where I grew up. From attending Spring Fling, to cheering on our spectacular Arizona Wildcats, to indulging in the performances of Arizona Arts Live, the University has been a core part of my life.  The University serves as a pillar of the Southern Arizona community, and we as students have the most profound opportunity to shape the institution to be at its most effective and robust. The Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) is OUR student government, so let’s make it work for us.

Core Values

Students for Shared Governance

Shared governance is the concept that all stakeholders within an institution of higher education have a duty to contribute to the activities of maintaining and improving the institution. With community service through clubs and student organizations, to participating in advocacy efforts through petitioning and organizing, students play a large role in governing our university. We all need to work towards creating a more connected and engaged culture on campus.

Students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community partners, this is OUR campus and OUR community. The cornerstone of my administration will be on expanding shared governance across the institution, empowering students to be active and informed with university affairs and to work towards a community that includes everyone at the table and supports all. This starts with better branding and outreach of our student government, while also creating holistic partnerships with all campus groups. It includes ensuring that students are involved with Faculty Senate and Arizona Board of Regents meetings. This university is ours, so we have a responsibility to contribute to its governance and to push it to keep achieving greatness.

Streamlining Programs & Empowering Students

ASUA administers many different programs and activities. From Campus Pantry and Campus Closet, to Students for Sustainability, and everything in between, student government does a LOT behind the scenes. As our president, I will work to make student government more transparent on how your student fees are being used. This will be done by revamping and redesigning the ASUA website and social media channels, while also improving internal coordination of the organization itself.

Additionally, as your president, I will work towards ensuring existing campus resources (Student Engagement and Career Development, THINK TANK, etc.) are able to connect more directly with all students to ensure maximum support and opportunities reach ALL students.

Vote Andy for Arizona! Bear Down! Reach out to me with your questions, desires, and aspirations (andrewpongratz@arizona.edu) and visit my campaign website (andrewpongratz.com)

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Brett Swartzlander

To the extraordinary students of the University of Arizona, 

Hi, my name is Brett Swartzlander, and I am currently running for the University of Arizona's Student Body President. Going through my 3rd year here at UA, I have been able to talk to many students and I am eager to do all that I can to make sure that students feel and know that the UA is the place for them. UA has done so much for me throughout my 3 years here; I have seen myself flourish as a leader, a learner, and as someone who wishes to give back to a school that has given me so much. Through my involvement in Greek life, IFC and multiple business clubs. I have gained the experience of building relationships in order to leverage the resources provided on campus. This taught me the path in which to best help students learn and thrive on a vast campus.

Throughout my term, I want to focus on the mental and physical health of every student on campus. By doing so, I ensure not only to be a resource but a mentor for every individual seeking assistance. I want to make sure I continue the great relationships the UA student body has with the city for collaboration of events and to keep the Tucson SunLink train free to use. I will stand up for the financial independence of where students will purchase food by keeping the UA new student meal plan an option to not have an obligation to purchase. I want to continue the donations to the CAPS center to release the burden of finances affecting mental health to provide the mental support needed free of charge. I want to engage the Tucson community and students by making sure the Spring Fling board is taking the steps necessary to provide the biggest and best student-run festival in the nation for all to enjoy. Transparency is key and if you have something that you feel you need better and more representation, I will be there for you to give resources and support to overcome any challenges you may face. For those living in student housing, your living conditions must be the best possible. Mold testing must be done and inspections for hazards must be done proactively to prevent the health and safety of students from being affected.

I hope to be able to lend myself, my time, and my knowledge to best represent you at the University of Arizona. 

Bear Down and Go Cats,
Brett Swartzlander


Patricia Ysabel Yango


Hey y’all!
My name is Patricia (Pat) Yango (They/She) and I am a 3rd year student in Law, Public 
Management and Policy, and the Accelerated Master of Public Policy program. I’m a first generation American and a proud product of Arizona public schools. I’m running for ASUA President because I want to instill values of Proactivity, Accessibility, and Transparency at the University of Arizona. 

My approach to leadership is informed by my experience as an active and engaged student inside and outside of the classroom. I am an undergraduate student, a graduate student, and a student worker. On campus, you can find me working as a peer mentor for the School of Government and Public Policy, a Peer Information Counselor at the UALibraries, CATS Academics, and various cultural and resource centers, or serving on the Student Service Fee Board, the Faculty Senate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, the Undergraduate Council, and the Academic Programs subcommittee. I have an in depth understanding of the responsibilities of the Student Body President and its intersections with the structure of ASUA because of my contributions to key initiatives such as the #WhyIRide campaign, which successfully extended fare free ridership on SunTran services, our student safety task force, the meal plan waiver committee, and institutionalizing support for basic needs resources. But my work isn’t done yet…

As your student body president, I will continue to drive those conversations that make our campus more equitable and accessible for every student, no matter their background. More importantly, I will ensure that those conversations create action, and tangible deliverables that the student body can hold their leaders accountable to. Meetings with UA Administrators and community stakeholders should be public whenever possible, and the student body should set the agenda. 

I will push for institutional financial support for the programs and services that our campus offers that directly address student’s basic needs at the Senior Leadership and ABOR levels. This includes our Campus Pantry and Closet, our FORCE Feminist Pharmacy, CAPS, UA EMS, SafeRide, and our Cultural and Resource Centers, among others. I will also continue to solidify our commitments to campus accessibility both physically and socially through working with our Disability Cultural Center and Disability Resource Center. I know that by guaranteeing that student’s basic needs are met we will see improvements to their success, retention, and most importantly, their lived experiences. 

I will work with our Office of Admissions, our AZ Ambassadors, and other programs that attract the next generations of Wildcats to ensure that UArizona continues to invest in the Tucson community and its local students. I’ll continue to promote community engagement by bringing back campus wide events like Spring Fling, with a particular emphasis on including local BIPOC owned community partners. 

I am running because I believe that meaningful representation is critical. I recognize that the roles within student government are weightless until those who hold them can bring real value to their titles, and that can only be done through hard work. I know that I am capable of leading a student government that takes leadership to the next level.
I want to be your student body president for the job, not the title.  
Bear Down!


Yassine Halhoul

Hello Wildcats, I am Yassine Halhoul, an international student coming all the way from Morocco, to run to become the next ASUA student body president. Leadership, determination and motivation have been accompanying me my whole life, especially since I decided to go overseas and study at the University of Arizona. Since becoming a wildcat I have overcome so many challenges and obstacles that made me realize I can lead this campus and change it for the better. As a first-generation African and Muslim International student I know what it is like to be different than the others but I also know how to love people no matter the differences I have with them, that’s why as your future president, I am fighting for an inclusive, accessible, student-centered campus that prioritizes the success and wellness of its students more than anything else.

As your future president I will be : 
- Advocating to make campus a more accessible environment for people with disabilities in but not limited to : old/new buildings, food courts and campus recreational centers.
- Advertising for more BIPOC events on campus and organizing workshops to spread awareness about different cultures.
- Expanding the funding of LGBTQ+ organizations on campus to help struggling queer people and organize larger scale on campus events.
- Emphasizing the fight for free transportation in the city of Tucson not only for students but for all residents.
- Asking for more scholarships and funding towards mental and sexual trauma response treatments for students.
- Integrating Greek life more with the general student body and coordinating efforts with the Greek life community to emphasize Greek life values and mission.
- Providing extra resources and increasing budgets towards efforts for planned parenthood and access to affordable abortion services.
- Providing struggling transgender individuals with specific financial aid and programs for transgender elevation and advancement (such as but not limited to voice feminization treatment, gender spectrum support groups…)
- Fighting for a more sustainable campus by increasing budgets and advocating for organizations and clubs on campus dedicated to making our campus more sustainable.
- Organizing qualified student-led task forces to deal with non-emergency situations on campus instead of UAPD.
- Being transparent with the student body and giving a platform and a voice to anyone who wants to criticize or suggest change.
- Creating anonymous initiatives integrated with campus Pantry/campus closet and other campus organizations to fight insecurities amongst students.
- Involving “ASUA” with more new student programs and shining the light on helpful resources for them (such as but not limited to : Orientation and new student services, 
Enrollment management and New student services)
- Cooperating with Campus Health and other on-campus organizations to create initiatives to spread awareness about mental health and destigmatize it amongst all students.
- Joining the fight to give International students the same employment and financial rights as citizens.
- Advocating for real life policies and committees that hold anyone who participates in any type of hate speech accountable and be punished for their actions 
- Free workshops and training for all students to acquire basic life saving skills (such as but not limited to CPR/AED certificates, active shooter training,...) 
-Increasing budgets for programs that aim to fundraise and financially help low income, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ students struggling financially.

Finally, vote Yassine for actual real change, vote Yassine for a better campus, vote Yassine and Bear Down.


Executive Vice President 

Ava Renee Ordog

Hello hello, I’m Ava Ordog (she/her/hers), a junior studying Communication with a minor in Health and Human Values and an unconditional love for the University of Arizona (UA). I hope to give back to the university by running for the Associated Students at the University of Arizona’s (ASUA) Executive Vice President (EVP). From chief advocacy to budget making to unifying and serving all student organizations, this job requires a charismatic, detail-oriented, and consequentially thinking individual. After the breadth of time I’ve had at this university within a multitude of club networks, I feel secure in the experiential knowledge I have for club needs from the student perspective. Check out my platform below for the type of representative I hope to serve as. 
And please don’t hesitate to reach out to avaordog@gmail.com or via Instagram DM @ordog4evp Bear Down and best wishes!

Fluid Integration
• The organizations and programs under ASUA are the binding thread of so many communities at UA. Being able to build off of what exists now is a form of integration that respects club longevity. As a potential EVP I hope to exercise the accountability of fluidly integrating the new perspective with ongoing relationships. A great example is continuing the push for free-fare transit on the Sunlink!

• Do you know how to find resource center information if you don’t use social media? What about how to request dedicated funds to promote your clubs philanthropy event? These are all questions I’ve heard being asked or asked myself as a student in need. Visibility is fundamental for ASUA to maintain healthy relationships of serving organizations and their missions. I’d hope to leverage my experience to lead the EVP club advocacy effort of long-lasting digital, print, and verbal visibility. 

• Do you work and/or attend class during the day leaving you unable to attend the operating hours of resource centers? I’ve had my share of sacrificing responsibilities to account for these accessibility shortfalls. Additionally, the student volunteers/workers that run these organizations should not have to sacrifice their schedules to serve others. As EVP I’d prioritize learning from the club advocates, listening to resource centers, and attending programs to understand how the accessibility needs of organizations fluctuate with the populations they serve. In turn, I’d work with ASUA teams so centers have the resources they need to keep accessibility at it’s peak.

• According to the universities fall 2022 census, this University is home to 51,134 enrolled students, 39,606 of whom attend our main campus here in Tucson, AZ. This is an enormous community who are composed of differing identities, lived experiences, and needs. Yet we all share the same dream of graduating with higher education. As EVP I’d continue to familiarize myself with the services our cultural and resource centers provide and how ASUA can help bolster their services to provide equitable experiences to all students.


JoJo Taylor

Hi y’all! My name is JoJo, and I am running to be your next ASUA Student Body Executive Vice President. I am a leader, a student worker, an RA, a friend, a sophomore, and someone that wants to help our student body grow educationally and socially. I am passionate about continuously working to improve our campus!

Having been involved in many different organizations on campus, I have seen how our clubs and services significantly help our student body. As a Resident Assistant with over 30 residents, I have seen how joining clubs has improved their class attendance, grades, and motivation compared to those who weren’t as involved. I understand how getting involved in campus life can drastically change your love for the university and your individual college. 

I will be the advocate and leader of our 500+ clubs and Senate. During my two years of experience at the University of Arizona, I have gained the knowledge to help advocate effectively for the needs of our campus clubs and lead our Senate to continue and improve our University. 

I want to bring the Senate back to its pre-covid glory. When I am elected, senators will host town halls in their colleges during their office hours to speak with their constituents about changes they want to see in their colleges. The Senate has the power to change how ASUA functions, and I want to collaborate with them to guide them to update the structure as they see fit for the benefit of our students.

Clubs need a central hub, and as the next Executive Vice president, I want to continue to enhance the ASUA club's Instagram, so clubs get answers to their common questions.

With my experience in financial accounting, I know I will be able to help each club and the Senate manage their money to make it reach as many students as possible. As the facilitator of club funds, I will lean on our club advocates to ensure we have time to individually help our clubs with any concerns they have. 

During this past year with the Wildcat Events Board, I helped to plan and execute one event every week of the semester and ensured that our events were diverse, inclusive, and infectiously fun! Most people don’t understand how our ASUA organizations impact the diverse community our campus has created. This is why I, as the next Executive Vice President, want to expand our outreach to bridge the gap between ASUA and our students, help lead our Senate to create a prospering and safe campus, and continue to encourage more of our student body’s involvement in the hundreds of clubs we have at our great university!

Eduardo Barron

As s a first-generation student, finding my place on campus was scary at first, but getting involved with ASUA, joining my freshman class honorary, and finding community in cultural centers such as Guerrero, has shown me the importance and value of strong clubs on campus that allow every student the opportunity to thrive. 

That’s why I’m running for Executive Vice President in the Associated Students of the University of Arizona! 

In my current role as ASUA Policy Director, uplifting students' voices and fighting for things that matter to us has been work this past year. Whether it was fighting to keep the sun link free, centering student voices when the conversation surrounding mandatory meal plans occurred, or ensuring that mental health services were free of charge for those who needed it— had your back. 

I’m ready to continue to fight for the things that matter to us, and be a voice with you— not for you. 

Together, we will: 

⭑ Advocate and support campus organizations that are essential to students such as Campus Closet, Pantry, and CAPs. 

⭑ Expand outreach to the student body and create innovative ways to get students connected to clubs and support services available to them. 

⭑ Work with ASUA Directors to ensure events are accessible to everyone. 

⭑ Continue to advocate for at-large issues like free-transit, mental health resources, and campus safety. 

I hope I can earn your vote! #BearDown 

Administrative Vice President 

Talia Rachana Sugden

In the age of the pursuit of personal advancement and the adoption of apathy, many governing bodies have lost sight of who it is that they support. ASUA is no exception. Having experience serving as an ASUA executive official, I have unique insight into the problems that our University of Arizona community faces, as well as the challenges that stand in the way of resolving them. I believe that by adopting policies that promote the integrity and transparency of ASUA as a whole, we as a community can work to support the student service and program organizations to the best of our ability. 

The era of abhorrent ego and viewing ASUA as a stepping stone for future career advancement is over. I want to be a part of the paradigm shift that sees ASUA evolve into the resource for University of Arizona students, staff, and faculty that it was created to be. As Administrative Vice President, I will tirelessly work towards preserving the wellbeing of every individual here at the University of Arizona, even if that means making unpopular decisions.  

At the end of the day, ASUA elected officials support and empower University of Arizona students, staff, and faculty. It is the duty of these elected officials to act as an advocate in the spaces that so many are explicitly excluded from, as well as tear down this exact exclusion. As Administrative Vice President, I will adhere to this duty and so much more. I will serve to work towards the goal of fundamentally changing the definition of student government. Finally, I will cultivate a more unified student government by means of collaboration, vulnerability, and visibility.

Sara Kandel

Hi Wildcats!

My name is Sara Kandel and I am a Junior studying Public Health with a Global Health emphasis. I do my best to be an advocate for the people around me. I find joy in connecting with others and understanding how I can be a more reliable support system. Finding community at the University was a challenge as I stepped foot on campus with a virtual year behind me. The adjustments of coming to a city unfamiliar to me was a difficult transition and I found myself riding the Flixbus back home every weekend. 

The travel was never economical but it supported my mental health while I sought out my own community on campus. 

Gradually I became more involved through clubs I joined and professional commitments. I started visiting cultural centers such as the Asian Pacific American Student Affairs (APASA) and used resources such as Campus Pantry and SafeRide. 

I find solace in knowing that there are resources available to me to help me get acclimated to my environment, being a student paying out of pocket for tuition. I want to be an advocate for resources as well as for students who are seeking the same comfort. A student can face their most formative life experiences within the years that they attend their university. It is my hope that I can help students feel more comfortable on this campus through self expression and resource utilization. 

I hope to connect more students to the Campus Closet, to expand the outreach of Campus Pantry, and to ensure that university events, such as Spring Fling, are equitable allowing every student to engage in school spirit. I intend to connect students to events hosted by FORCE to facilitate discussion regarding intersectional feminism. I plan to improve the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community on campus through expanding the outreach and resources of PRIDE. 

I plan to not only support the current programs overseen by the Administrative Vice President, but I hope to organize opportunities for students to have a say in their own safety on campus as we keep the University running. Home is a place that is safe. And if campus is not safe, it’s difficult to make home. 

From student workers, to student researchers, to students who are the great leaders and trailblazers of our future, we are the blood and body of this school. I plan to be an advocate for my classmates and peers. I hope to do everything in my power to act in my position as Administrative Vice President in a way that is effective, reliable, and transparent. I hope that I can answer any of your questions in these next few weeks leading up to the general election. It would be an honor to receive your vote, to elect me as your 2023-2024 ASUA Administrative Vice President. 

At Large Senator 

Megan Wong

Hello all! My name is Megan Wong, and I am running Student-Body Senator for the 2023-2024 academic year. I am an incoming senior, and my major is Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am thrilled to be running for office this spring, and I wanted to share a bit about myself and my campaign. 

A bit about myself, I am from a small town in Arizona called Sierra Vista, about an hour away from Tucson. I was born and raised in a Chinese/American household, with my mother being an immigrant (now a proud citizen of the US) from Beijing, China, and my father from here in Tucson. I can speak both Mandarin and English fluently and can speak a small amount of Spanish. I love to play the piano (have been playing for almost 15 years!), cook, and bake, and I am an avid line and country swing dancer. I am the Director of Event Management and Community Outreach of ZonaZoo Crew, as well as the Special Events Director of ASUA, and I am in the founding class of the Junior Honorary LOCKS. This will be my first and last time running for any sort of office in ASUA, so I want to make it count as much as I can! 

My motto for my campaign is “Yes, We Can!”, or in Spanish, “¡Si Se Puede!”. I chose this motto for a few reasons. We are stronger together. The University of Arizona is truly such a diverse campus, and I believe that if we all are able to help each other in some way, shape, or form, we can truly make our community a wonderful place to be and reinforce the foundation built by those before us. My main focuses as Senator are to be an advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity, act as a liaison for accessibility to campus resources (CAPS, Campus Pantry and Closet, etc.), and be a voice for the whole student body. I believe that along with other elected officers, I can help make a positive difference in our community and act as a representative for ASUA. Vote Megan for ASUA Student-Body Senator, and let’s do this together!

Benjamin Koppe

am a student who wants to seek change. This idea probably describes many of the students running for ASUA positions, but my position today - along with my past experiences - makes me unique in my ability to seek this change. My platform relies on a three-step process: first, determining problems students currently face; next, identifying the reasons why this problem is present; and finally, seeking and carrying out solutions for these problems or, in the alternative, clearly documenting why I cannot take action. As an example, take D2L, the website all students use for most classes and assignments. In my experience, it is clear that the vast majority of students hate D2L and its constant array of glitches, problems, and counterintuitive design choices. To make matters worse, professors hate D2L, too, and often don’t know how to use it properly. If D2L is so universally hated and can so often make already difficult classes impossible to manage, why does this school use it? We, as students, have not been provided with a reason for this school’s use of D2L - and this is a problem. As Senator at-Large, it is my responsibility to identify opaque problems like D2L, and at the very least make the reasoning behind it transparent - because without transparency, change is impossible. This problem - a lack of transparency - is present in so many of this school’s issues. Why does the library close at midnight? We don’t know the reason. Why are so few resources put into our tutoring programs? It isn’t clear. Why are our safety protocols so inconsistent and confusing? It’s always the same answer. I want to make the workings of ASUA clear, and though this goal is common within ASUA, I am again unique - not only because I want the transparency applied to the actual problems, rather than merely the government’s workings, but also because I have a plan. I have experience building websites, and contacts within The Daily Wildcat. I am able to make real progress towards transparency - it is imperative within my three-step process, after all - and I know what to prioritize when I begin to make that progress. As a Senator at-Large, even if I don’t end up having the power to make the sweeping changes necessary to solve students’ biggest problems, I can at least promise crystal-clear transparency and a nonstop drive to delve deep into the problems I identify. This is who I am, and this is my platform.

Grady Campbell

Hello Wildcats! My name is Grady Campbell, and I am seeking your vote to represent you as an At-Large Senator in the ASUA Senate for the 2023-24 school year. I am involved on campus as an ambassador in WEB, secretary of the Freshman Class Council, and a lifeguard at Campus Rec. My hope in running for this position is to be a voice for ALL Wildcats, and advocate for the issues that students care about and affect us the most. If you elect me as your Senator, I will fight for:
- Keeping the Sun Link free for students and staff forever, building upon the work of the current executive team and Senate
- Opening University Libraries 24/7 every day in the school term to boost accessibility and promote academic achievement among students
- Connecting with UA Student Unions and work to provide nutritious, healthy options for on-campus dining, rather than only fast-food chain restaurants
- Holding Administration and UAPD accountable for their actions (or lack thereof), and being a student voice in their decision-making processes
- Promoting clubs and club funding, and ensuring every student can find their community on campus
- Whatever issue YOU the students say needs to be heard and addressed
As your 2023-24 ASUA At-Large Senator, I will commit to having my door and inbox always open, eagerly seeking comments, critiques, recommendations, and requests from all students, regardless of what college you are in, what clubs or organizations you are involved in, whether you are a student-athlete, if you are in Greek life, or what your class standing is.

Gabe Taylor Berkey

Hello! My name is Gabe Berkey, I am a Sophomore here at the lovely University of Arizona, and I am running to be one of your next ASUA Senators At-Large. I am from Ridgefield, Washington, and I have always had a passion for leadership. I have participated in countless clubs and organizations since high school, with being a part of student council, National Honor Society and DECA, and being nominated by my school to be the Senior Class Speaker are some examples. Since my arrival here at the U of A, I have taken part in both freshman and sophomore honoraries while having leadership roles in both, and also joined the Comedy Corner club to widen my interests and experiences here. 
In regards to ASUA, I have several ideas of various things that I would like to accomplish. In a broader sense, I want to serve as the middleman between the student body and the University, being able to connect the people and organizations that need help with the people who have the ability to help them and make change. I plan on being watchful and aware of overall well being on campus for both students and centers, and if a change needs to be made I will be the one working to advocate and make that change. 
In a more specific sense, I would love to use this position of leadership to focus into the University’s CAPS program. After the tragic shooting of Professor Thomas Meixner, it was advertised that CAPS would be offering free programs and support to any student that needed it. However, when students would try to call CAPS to try and utilize these free resources, they would either be sent to voicemail or the line would simply say “line disconnected”. I am not doubting that the services would have been free, but what seems to be the problem is that CAPS did not have the personnel available to adequately support the needs of a school with 30,000+ students. What I would hope to accomplish is educating myself with the resources available to see how the CAPS funding is allocated, and then working with them and the University in hopes to get CAPS the funding, support, and team that they need so that they can properly support the student body of a school this size. 
Additionally, I would love to use this position of leadership to focus on how the UAlert system truly works. From a student’s perspective, the alert system is significantly delayed in when the messages are being sent in relation to the real time events. I would love to work with the team behind UAlert to see if the messaging system can be refined in a way that is more accurate and effective in warning students of threats and dangers on campus of which they should be aware.
I look forward to the opportunity to be an asset to ASUA. I will work to create positive change for the campus and student body.

Maya Emilie Kostov

Hello Wildcats! I am Maya Kostov, and I am running for the position of Student Body Senator. I am a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (PPEL) and Classics. 

As a candidate, I would like to emphasize these five pillars that would benefit the U of A community and ASUA Senate: Accountability, Accessibility, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Sustainability, and Transparency.

If given the chance, I would like to improve the accountability of both ASUA and the university administration to improve campus safety measures. All students deserve to feel heard and seen, and more proactive measures must be implemented to ensure safety on campus.

As a first-generation American, I understand the difficulties a lack of resources presents. I would like to continue working with and highlighting organizations on campus like Campus Pantry, Campus Closet, Safe Ride, the Student Health Advocacy Committee (SHAC), Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS), Think Tank, the Maker Studio, and many more to ensure students of every background can access the resources they need to succeed. 

I would like to continue highlighting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) groups on campus by creating a safe and welcoming environment to voice their concerns and promote their initiatives. My experience as the Assistant Director for the Arts, Culture, and Entertainment committee for the Wildcat Events Board has given me experience in promoting diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion on campus while bringing about a spirit of unity among students. 

As climate change becomes an increasingly important topic, I plan to continue working with the Students for Sustainability (SFS) to implement more initiatives to increase the sustainability of the campus and facilitate discussions about the impacts of climate change from a social and environmental standpoint. 

At times, ASUA can feel like a daunting and confusing organization. I want to increase transparency in ASUA for the U of A community, ensuring students and organizations understand precisely what ASUA does. Above all else, I want to ensure all students can share their experiences, and I, as your senator, can work with you to improve those experiences. It would be an honor to represent you as an At-Large Senator. 

Nurbek Yuldashov

I am Nurbek Yuldashov, a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Arizona. I am currently pursuing Pre-Economics at Eller College of Management. I am running for the Student Body Senator position. I have several purposes including, but not limited to increasing the number of scholarships available for the students, optimizing the budget distribution of the Student Union, helping the international student to engage in campus life, decreasing the factors that contribute to making the students stressed financially, improving the foot security. #VoteForNY


Damanitza Teresita Romo

Hola Gatos, My name is Damanitza Romo and I am running to be your next Senator At-Large! I am a first-year student majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Criminology. I grew up in the Southside of Tucson in a primarily low-income area where resources and services were often inaccessible and unattainable. Coming to the University of Arizona as a first-generation student and discovering amazing programs like New Start, and services such as Campus Pantry, Closet, and CAPS has brought value to not only my life– but the life of so many other students. The resources available on this campus are crucial for the success of the student body, which is why I’m running to uplift and support them and ensure students are aware of these amazing opportunities and resources. My experiences and voluntary involvement with ASUA have allowed me the unique opportunity of learning how our student government works and further identify room for improvement while understanding the amazing work that we are capable of accomplishing. 

As your next student body Senator I will: 
-Promote resources for students who are often underrepresented in order to guarantee they are making the most of their experience here at the University of Arizona.
Work to allocate funds for clubs, especially those that promote diversity, inclusion, and community. 
-Amplify marginalized students’ voices by being a source for students to come and express their concerns
-Push the fight for free transit. Accessible but also comfortable transportation is crucial for student success.
-Highlight cultural centers to the student body in order to encourage a comfortable environment for connections to be made.

Having such a beautiful and diverse campus does not always imply that we are inclusive. Inclusivity is something that we have to fight for, and I am willing to take part in that fight. I hope I can earn your vote because a vote for me, is a vote for us. Bear Down Wildcats y ¡Viva Los Gatos! 

College of Education Senator 

My name is Tina Giallanza, and I am a junior studying Elementary Education. I have always loved working with kids and connecting their learning to real life concepts beyond the classroom. As Senator for the College of Education, my main goal would be to continue this desire to inspire a love for learning and inclusion within my college. COE is a diverse and highly representative college that includes many majors that extend beyond teacher education. As Senator, I would focus on creating a greater sense of community within COE, and finding new ways to connect the various majors within the college to each other. I want to provide a more personalized experience for students within COE and foster a more rounded community. This can look like increased implementation of peer mentoring, active DEI education within classrooms, and a more direct communication between admin and students. 

College of Engineering Senator

Alexis Rylaarsdam

Hello Wildcats! My name is Alexis Rylaarsdam and I excited to be running for the 2023-24 College of Engineering senator position. I am a sophomore majoring in Mining Engineering with minors in Sustainable Mineral Resources and Mathematics. Since joining the university I have become very involved in the College of Engineering. I am currently on the board of a professional engineering society, employed by the college, and the president of a design, build, compete team. I understand from first hand experience the nuances of the College of Engineering and its relationship with ASUA. I aim to open clearer communication between ASUA and the various organizations in the College of Engineering. If elected, I plan to attend ESC meetings and present at said meetings about current updates from ASUA. Additionally, I hope to promote diversity within the college as well as the university as a whole. As a woman in engineering, I understand how important it is to uplift the voices of people from all backgrounds. I aim to be an advocate for everyone in the college and ensure that their voices are heard. 

College of Medicine Senator

Hello Wildcats! My name is Srikar Kollipara, and I am a sophomore at the University of Arizona majoring in Physiology with a minor in Psychology. This year, I hope to be your Senator for the College of Medicine. Although I have only been at the university for a year and a half, there are several initiatives of considerable value that I hope to undertake if given this opportunity.

I want to start off by addressing my goals for the community within the College of Medicine. It is often easy to fall behind or get lost in this community of high-achieving individuals. Nonetheless, I truly believe that each and every student has the ability to flourish given individually tailored support. As such, I hope to create a mentorship program, connecting undergraduate students with graduate and working students who underwent these challenges as an ambitious college student. This program will not only provide resources and professional development opportunities, but create a healthy and safe environment for those who seek personalized academic and emotional support. There are a variety of opportunities waiting for those under the College of Medicine, and I seek to help everyone fully realize their future plans. Coupled with the introduction of this network of alumni and professionals, I want to continue to push for student engagement within the Tucson community as the Senator before me has. As our University continues to grow, there are many new clubs and organizations. I would love to connect these many groups, fostering a community of diverse interests. Engaging in philanthropic/service projects as a system, we can continue to pursue what makes us happy, while giving back to our home. 

Throughout my time here at the university, I have noticed that students with DRC accommodations have to really fight for the support they need, and this should not be the case. Although I am not a student within the DRC, I have discussed issues such as rescheduling tests when a professor changes dates and individual needs beyond the scope of a testing environment with students in the DRC, and have started to notice a trend. They are set up well for students with ADHD, test anxiety, and similar disabilities, but when it comes to situations with chronic pain or any type of pain flare, that support is rather diminished. Many individual accommodations are up to the discretion of professors in these scenarios, and oftentimes it can get tricky. I hope to support students associated with the DRC, and I want to continue to learn from those that are affected and support this inclusivity with the colleagues of ASUA. 

Running for the role of College of Medicine Senator gives me the unique opportunity to support those in my community, and allows me to further my knowledge of issues that affect the students at Arizona. As I continue to campaign, I hope to continue practicing open mindedness as I fulfill the role as senator.  

College of Science Senator 

Yash Rohilla

Hello Wildcats! My name is Yash Rohilla. As an in-state student, I have been a part of the Tucson community and the University of Arizona for some time now. Being able to represent my college would help me take us a step toward enacting positive changes in the university.
A position of government should be transparent and communicate excellently. When I walked through the school talking to students for signatures, a vast majority of them did not know that the College of Science Senator, along with other student body positions, existed. As a senator, I want to bring to light the role of the student government in conveying the voices of students majoring in science to the university to bring about change that we want to see. I would like to start by doing outreach and having a formal introduction of our student body along with quarterly reminders of the resources we can use.
Elaborating on the aspect of communication, I believe it is necessary to showcase and organize available resources. I had to spend a while to find research opportunities that I didn’t know were available to me. As I spoke with my TAs and professors I learned that they want undergraduate students to mentor for research while I have friends who are actively seeking research opportunities. Creating a channel of communication for resources such as research opportunities on-campus, summer programs, and graduate education would allow students to make the most of their college experience. By regularly contacting a wide variety of principal investigators and putting them in contact with clubs and classrooms, on-campus engagement and interaction would improve. 
Also, I would place focus on sustainability initiatives within the College of Science. While there are great campus initiatives and clubs centered on sustainability, I think that incorporating sustainability into student initiatives and areas of study from the start is vital for scientists who are looking to better our future. Through these changes, I believe we can become a more cohesive and impactful class.

Famesh Zafar Patel

Working with the Honors College, the College of Science (B.S. in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science), and various other organizations on campus has given me the various tools and nuanced perspectives to best serve the students in the College of Science at the University of Arizona. I hope I will be able to improve on our weaknesses, while also augmenting our successes. 

I want to bring funding for the different clubs, student ideas, and events focused more on retention rather than recruitment. I know the University spends a lot of effort recruiting amazing students into the College of Science but I want to give more attention to the current students of the College of Science. I will be working to change that and make current students feel like they made the right decision to join the College of Science through interactive events and discussions with students. I want students to be able to thrive and I believe that will be possible by spending funds on various clubs attached to certain majors, giving funding to “idea incubators”, and even funding bigger events for current students to meet their peers and build a sense of community. I believe these efforts will help in improving the sense of community and student development within the College of Science.

Along with funding the innovative ideas of our students, I want to be able to bring the students closer to the faculty without the fear of being a burden, closer to their peers without fear of rejection, and closer to more opportunities without fear of missing out. Talking within the departments to help bring all the various opportunities to students through things such as focused career fairs, faculty-student “potlucks”, and major “field trips”, will be one of my many goals. I will use all my connections and knowledge of the medical school, grad school, Honors College, and College of Science to bring together all the best things this University has to offer. All these changes will hopefully make the information that will inevitably shape a student’s career path much more accessible for all the students so they can feel more successful during college and even after they graduate.  

Along with these very College specific changes, I want to be able to make smaller, but still important changes around campus, such as making the library open 24/7, bringing more student job opportunities, and improving on office hour/think tank tutoring methods.College of Science majors will benefit a lot from these changes, but I don’t think these changes should be gatekept from other majors that could benefit from them.

In my term as College of Science Senator, I want to focus on the students. This University is usually people’s second home away from home and I want everyone to thrive here. If I am voted to be your Senator, I will work with the students and change my goals to be receptive to your needs as the College of Science continues to change over the years. 

Eller College of Management Senator 

Utsav Kataria

Driven junior at the University of Arizona majoring in Finance and Management Information Systems. Involved in multiple clubs and organizations in Eller such as the Wall Street Scholars Program, Eller Rising Professionals, Eller Ambassadors as well as outside Eller, such as Delta Kappa Epsilon. By being a senator, I wish to spread awareness about all the resources Eller has to offer, listen to the opinions of others, and eventually create partnerships between Eller and other schools as business is related to every major. More details to follow.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator


Paulina Garcia

For as long as I can remember I have made it a priority to be involved and give back to my community as much as possible. Through various clubs, extracurriculars, and leadership positions I have gained a variety of skills and learning opportunities that have shaped me into the person I am today. Obtaining the position of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator would grant me the privilege of becoming a voice for students who share similar aspirations and goals. I strive to be the person who those seeking change can reach out to and confide in that something can be done. As senator, I would like to implement a sense of community and inclusivity to the community of students of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. I am determined to make students feel heard and supported throughout their academic journey.

Hello everyone! My name is Parker Fowler, and I am a Junior in Political Science and Journalism majors here at the University of Arizona. Next year, my goal is to get students into SBS involved in other club involvements and extracurriculars on campus and promote inclusivity by having open communications between me and the students. 

Social and Behavioral Sciences classes are innately about communication and understanding the importance of community and civic engagement in society. Bringing this to a smaller scale like our own university, and even individual college, we should strive to act similarly. If elected, it would be my mission to be a liaison for the student in supporting them with any necessary resource or networking opportunity that directly benefits them. In terms of involvement, I have been a part of five different clubs, and I also currently work on campus; thus, I feel as though I have an adequate understanding of what this campus truly has to offer for each individual.


College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture Senator

Doyin Olajumoke Oduwole

I am Doyin Oduwole, a current sophomore studying Architecture and it's my primary goal, if elected as Senator of CAPLA, to represent my college and serve as the voice of CAPLA. 

As the CAPLA senator, I would be honored to create more opportunities for growth for all our CAPLA clubs. I would love to help these clubs stay consistent, as a way to bring the community together. These clubs would also be used to host more events for the students so they could hear from professionals, opportunities after graduation in order to help the students feel more comfortable, and reassure them that they are on the right path. 
I hope to create a safer environment for CAPLA by making sure university safety procedures are applied to our college area like the addition of blue emergency posts in our lot to help create a greater peace of mind for the students, staff and parents. 

I hope to create a healthy and active environment for CAPLA by encouraging the engagement of our students with other extra curricular activities and organizations outside of our college. 

I hope to represent CAPLA by listening to your concerns and creating a safe environment that cultivates personal and academic growth, because having a place to make you feel comfortable in voicing your concerns is important to me. I want you to trust me in representing CAPLA and implement the changes you want to see. 

I want to be the voice of the underrepresented students as well and support them in ways I can. I want to create an interactive environment within CAPLA and ASUA.


Mimi Hoa McVey

My name is Mimi McVey and I am running to be senator of the college of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture. I am originally from New Jersey, but I spent most of my life exploring New York City. As a current junior studying architecture, I hope to become a scenic designer so I can create sets for Broadway and even films. CAPLA is one of the many colleges on campus, however, I feel that we are often underrepresented and overlooked. CAPLA in itself is a unique social dynamic, in which a group of 70 students spend every second of the day dedicating themselves to various projects. The students and faculty that make up CAPLA are truly the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. There is an evident community in CAPLA, which is why I want to run for senator. As senator I believe I can enhance the community and connect CAPLA students with other organizations on campus. Architecture is a demanding major, which often times can be isolating. I want to develop a deeper relationship with the current clubs under CAPLA and provide more support for the students who oversee them. I am currently involved with other campus organizations such as Greek life and held leadership positions in both the Sophomore and Junior honoraries, which will help expose students to other opportunities for involvement outside of CAPLA. I would also like to create new clubs that will benefit all students in regards to future internship and job opportunities. Another improvement I wish to enact focuses on the mental health and physcial well being of the students. It is important to create an environment in which students can work comfortably, especially when students, such as myself, spend hours a day in studio. Finally, I will strive to improve the communication between administration and ASUA with the needs of CAPLA students, regardless of the priority. This will also enable open communication between students when they feel there is a discrepancy within the overall structure of CAPLA. Overall, I will be the voice for everyone in CAPLA and ensure that demands are being meet in order to provide the best possible college experience for the students and faculty of CAPLA. 

W.A Franke Honors College Senator

Ross Nemeth.JPG

I am running for senator of the W.A Franke Honors College to help to build and grow the college's national platform and increase opportunities for student of the honor's college. 

Fiscal Resources: The Honors College costs and additional $450 per semester. I want to ensure that this money is being used to grow the Honor's college and to create more opportunities for Honors college students through making study abroad programs cheaper, additional scholarships, increased internship opportunities and advising, and other resources to make student life as an honors college student better.

Community: Living in Honors Village is a great way to build a honors college community, but if you do not live at HV, or you have moved out, you can feel very isolated from the Honors college itself. I would like the college to host more networking events, not just for freshmen, but for upperclassmen looking for career opportunities. 

Schooling: Currently, Honors contracts can only be used for up to 12 units, I would like to see that number increased. Increasing the number of available honor sections for specific major courses instead of only general education units would help this issue as well.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Working towards ensuring that the W.A Franke Honors College is welcoming and inclusive to all people of all backgrounds. The college should be a safe space where anybody can be comfortable being their true selves, and growing to become the best version of themselves. 

Lastly, I would run to be a representative of the student's of the W.A Franke Honors college. I pride myself on being open, honest, and a hard worker. I will work hard to make sure that every student's voice is heard and that their needs are addressed. The W.A Franke Honors college has amazing students and faculty, and growing the college and it's reputation is a high priority for me.