ASUA Supreme Court

The ASUA Supreme Court has jurisdictions over all appropriate matters concerning, but not limited to, campus organizations, election disputes, and ASUA governmental affairs.


Amy Brown, Chief Justice - Term expires May 2020

Fabian Eichentopf-Term Expires May 2021

Samuel Preminger- Term Expires May 2020

Patrick Ryan - Term expires May 2019
Ryan Bishop - Term expires May 2020

Important Documents

-  Past ASUA Supreme Court Cases
-  asua_special_rules_for_advisory_opinions_2017_-_adopted_september_6_2017.docx
-  asua_special_rules_for_election_disputes_2017_-_adopted_september_6_2017.docx
-  asua_supreme_court_cover_sheet_2017-_adopted_september_6_2017.docx
-  asua_supreme_court_procedures_2017_-adopted_september_6_2017.docx

Clerk of the Court

Please contact the Clerk of the Court before you contact the ASUA Supreme Court.

Any party may contact the Clerk of the Court in person or otherwise to inform the Court of Intent to appeal or to be in contact with the ASUA Supreme Court.
If you need to get a hold of the ASUA Clerk of the Court please either email: or call 520-621-2782 during ASUA business hours.

For more information, visit