Review, Suspension, or Revoked Recognition

Where the University alleges that the organization, its officers or its individual members have failed to comply with the Institutional Policies, the University will follow established procedures to conduct an investigation and render sanctions, or conduct an administrative review and take summary action as it deems appropriate under the circumstances, or utilize other disciplinary policies and procedures as established with respect to student organizations. Written appealswill be handled per the Student Disciplinary Procedures, available for review here:

The University may elect, in lieu of revoking recognition, to impose educational and/or punitive measures against the organization and/or its officers, including but not limited to academic probation or expulsion.

An organization whose recognition is suspended loses the opportunity to use the name of the University, to use University facilities, to schedule activities on campus, and other privileges enumerated in this policy or as established by the University. A suspended organization must continue to comply with the Institutional Policies. Failure to do so may prevent the organization from having recognition reinstated.