Sydney Hess

ASUA Student Body President

Hey Wildcats! My name is Sydney Hess, and I am running to be your next Student Body President. I am a Junior in the Honors College majoring in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (PPEL) with a minor in Environmental Studies. Currently, I serve as the Administrative Vice President Chief of Staff, where I assist in supporting the eleven programs and services within ASUA. Previously, I served as a Student Body Senator, President of Freshman Class Council, and President of Chi Omega Fraternity.

Serve as An Advocate:

In this new role, I first and foremost want to serve as an advocate to all students of The University of Arizona. This role provides one with the unique position to be able to share the student experience with those who do not quite understand it. Faculty, administration, ASUA, and other decision-making parties on campus need recognize that it is the student voice that needs to be valued and heard. I propose that two public town halls are held per semester, with one of these required to be in a student cultural center. These town halls will facilitate conversations surrounding key student issues.

Community and Civic Engagement:

Tucson and the surrounding community are essential to the life of a student. However, ASUA is not connected with the city in ways that could maximize the benefit to the student population. I propose that a new position related to civic engagement be introduced to ASUA. This role would help split the tasks of the Policy Director and focus on building relationships with the Government and Community Relations office, elected officials, and other community members. With this, AdvoCATS would become a much more manageable program and key issues like the 2020 Census will have ASUA’s attention.

Mental Health Awareness:

It has come to my attention that CAPS is not well-known among the student body, nor is it providing students with what they truly require. Mental health has become a huge issue nationwide, and I want to assert that it is a priority at The University of Arizona. In an effort to do this, I intend to seek out and build relationships with those in Camus Health.

Executive Officers