Regina DelaCruz

College of Nursing

She, her, hers

My platform aims to foster and strengthen the College of Nursing community through student engagement and community building.

As a second semester nursing student, I recognized quickly how vital building relationships with other students and faculty would be. Establishing that support system as early as a pre-nursing student not only enhances one’s confidence and drive as they enter the major, but also the passion for the career itself and the community it offers.

While earning the grades and performing the skills may feel like an entirely independent effort, it doesn’t take long to recognize that individuals within your cohort and the faculty members are constantly and relentlessly standing beside you to encourage you through it all. It’s an amazing moment when you realize the nursing community that surrounds you shares your same passion and drive, early mornings, sleepless nights, victories, and failures.

In this position, I hope to enhance the opportunities available to students to build relationships within and between cohorts, with faculty, and interdisciplinary relationships with other health sciences students. By providing engagement opportunities and interdisciplinary events, College of Nursing students would have a means to be active participants in all aspects of their academic and professional careers, while also building and fostering relationships with those that share the same passions and drive.