Paige Hargis

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

She, her, hers

My name is Paige Hargis, and I am a first-year Sophomore and Veterinary Sciences Major. I am seeking the opportunity to represent the vast variety of students and studies of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as an ASUA Senator. In the few months that I have been a Wildcat, I have grown into a far better student than I ever had been before. I want to help ensure that the resources that helped me improve so much are available and accessible to everyone. This goes beyond programs such as THINK Tank and tutoring, while the importance of those cannot be understated, but another important aspect of student success is their health. Campus Pantry is another tool, by students, for students, that provides assistance to those who need it in a safe and private way.

The College of Agriculture and Life Science hosts 17 majors, ranging from majors such as Retail and Consumer Sciences to Natural Resources. These incredible students work hard to ensure that so many fields that are vital to modern quality of life stays as high as possible. I want to work alongside administration to ensure that the needs of every major is met, that there are opportunities to connect with other students within the College, and the University as a whole.