Matt Hernandez

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is home to an array of untapped potential. With the People’s College being home to nearly 30 majors and over 5,000 undergraduates, it is important that our College continue to raise and set the bar for what it means to have a successful student experience.

As the senator from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, my chief responsibilities would be aimed at increasing student involvement and success. This starts with optimizing student access to undergraduate research opportunities by streamlining the process by which students can find and apply to research studies with university staff. This initiative would all be in effort to increase interdepartmental relationships between students and staff and to allow SBS students a more efficient way to gain hands on research experience, similar to that of our peers studying Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Engineering (STEM).

Student and club collaboration are key issues I would like to see improve in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. As Senator, I would aim to increase SBS-specific club involvement by building upon the foundations of the SBS club fair. I plan on introducing and hosting monthly SBS club town hall meetings to focus on what our clubs need and how collaboration between these organizations can work to better the SBS experience for our students.

Professional development and soft skill improvement are vital to entering the 21st century workforce. I would aim to implement Eller-like resume workshops and career fair opportunities better suited to the passions and interests of SBS students. Through increased public speaking workshops, practice LSAT opportunities, and other events catered to the interests of our students, I believe we can work to better prepare our students for tomorrow’s careers.