Madison Smith

Eller College of Management

She, her, hers

Hi, my name is Madison Smith, and I am running to be your Eller College of Management Senator. Currently, I am a second semester Junior with a marketing major and spanish minor. As an ASUA Intern and Eller Ambassador, I have gained experience and knowledge that has fueled my passion for this college. As a prospective candidate, I am motivated by my love for learning and seek to enrich the Eller experience by advocating for every student.

As a pre-business student, one of the main struggles I had was applying for Eller and the uncertainty of the application process. I want to give pre-business students the opportunity to prepare specifically for the Eller entrance interview and exam. Creating a space that allows students in the application process to talk with Eller students is crucial for student success. I seek to create this space by crafting a workshop where people can ask questions and prepare for interviews with peers while gaining helpful feedback and support. I believe this will ease the stress of professional admissions and better prepare students.

Within Eller, I have become blown away by student involvement. I seek to help each student find their niche in the college to allow them to grow to their fullest potential. Through my own experience, I have observed the lack of awareness students have about clubs and the ability they have to shape their Eller experience. I wish for Eller students to have access to the networking opportunities that they deserve. In order to promote involvement in the Eller community, I would raise awareness for the club fair through promotion in classrooms and on social media. I would also ensure that each student is given a flyer with descriptions of clubs and the contacts of those clubs to ensure everyone has the necessary resources to join desired clubs, even if they cannot attend the club fair. For clubs, I would promote the ability to apply for funding to go on club-related trips to enrich students’ experience. If elected, I, Madison Smith will work to better the Eller experience for everyone.