Kate Rosenstengel

Administrative Vice President - AVP

I would like to continue the projects I began this year as Administrative Vice President and develop them further to offer more support to the programs and services.

First, I want to integrate the program and service fair into the ASUA club fair to offer more visibility and recruitment opportunities for the administrative branch. This year, I organized an event like an information fair, specific to the programs and services. I believe merging this event with the club fair would increase turn out and involvement.

I also want to investigate the feasibility of making the IWill program, which raises awareness of sexual assault, a permanent ASUA program so it has a stable budget, specific staff to plan the events, and the capability of expanding beyond a single week into a year long initiative.

The AVP’s main job is to help the programs and services of ASUA accomplish their goals and expand. In running for a second term as AVP, my primary goal is to continue to be the voice of our twelve programs and services and make sure they have the support they need.

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