Julie Vivaldo

College of Fine Arts

She, her, hers

Hello! My name is Julie Vivaldo and I am a Junior at the University of Arizona studying Clarinet Performance with a minor in Special Education and Rehabilitation. My platform for the College of Fine Arts focuses on developing events to raise advocacy for self-care, and to encourage unity between all four schools within the CFA. My goals include the following:

  • Organize self care events for CFA students including coping/ destress methods
  • Developing a collaboration system where students in all four CFA schools are able to post a need for positions (such as need for musicians, artists, dancers, producers, etc) to collaborate with various projects/ performances
  • Hosting social events where CFA students are able to develop/ strengthen friendships
  • Educate students about mental health, healthy relationships, etc.
  • Organize events to encourage students to spread positivity and encouragement with others

Within the School of Dance, School of Art, Fred Fox School of Music, and the School of Theatre Film and Television, we all have different talents and strengths- but we all share the same love for the Fine Arts! I hope to see all of the CFA schools unite as we come together to support and encourage one another.

I hope that am able to earn your support as I work my hardest as Senator for the College of Fine Arts! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Thank you, Julie Vivaldo