Joseph Sturm

College of Education

He, him, his

Hey Wildcats!

My name is Joseph Sturm and I am currently a Junior double-majoring in Literacy, Learning, and Leadership and Creative Writing. In hope of creating a more cohesive environment in the COE, I am running for ASUA Senate under the College of Education. My platform focuses on highlighting and improving student engagement within the COE, while increasing the connection students feel to the college as a whole. With that, I have six main goals I hope to accomplish during my time as Senator.

Focusing on improving and highlighting student engagement amongst Education majors, the goals I have are as follows.

  • Create communication amongst students that highlights what the different clubs in the College of Education are doing for the college
  • Highlight students who are highly engaged in their majors in communication to students to inspire engagement
  • Collaborate with COE Social Media and Website builders to create easier ways for students to learn about getting involved in the COE
  • Create more networking opportunities for students among staff, faculty, and other community members
  • Involve the COE Student Council more in the College with the World of Words Collection and other initiatives
  • ncrease communication between COE Minors and the College in hopes of making students minoring in education feel more connected to the College of Education

As your Senator I hope to be very accessible and approachable to all students while accomplishing the goals I have set for this next year. Should you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am very excited to see our college grow over the course of the next academic year.

Thank you, Joseph Sturm