Grace Sluga

College of Humanities

She, her, hers

Hello! My name is Grace Sluga and I am a sophomore at the University of Arizona studying Spanish Linguistics and Psychology. I am running to become the next representative for the College of Humanities within the ASUA Senate.

My platform includes increasing awareness of existing College of Humanities initiatives, such as College of Humanities Student Ambassadors, among existing and prospective students. I will collaborate with faculty and students to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs and to update them or create new ones if needed. I will also seek to promote communication between the College of Humanities and the rest of the University of Arizona in order to showcase the importance of the necessary skills taught by the college. These skills include work ethics, professionalism, and communication.

I am incredibly excited for this opportunity and am looking forward to working with you all to better the College of Humanities and the University of Arizona as a whole.