Gomez Ambriz

College of Medicine

He, him, his

If I am elected as Senator for the College of Medicine, I will implement programs that support students toward their post-graduation plans while also fostering their goals to be well-rounded and competitive students. I will establish a stronger connection between the College of Medicine and the Tucson community by providing more opportunities for meaningful and diverse volunteer work. I plan to accomplish this with the creation of a club where Physiology students and College of Medicine staff can come together to discuss important issues that affect our community. Promotion for this club will include planning and executing a community project.

Furthermore, as a first-generation college student, I sympathize with how intimidating it can be to attend a huge university in such a competitive major. To ensure that every Physiology student has the necessary support to reach their highest potential I plan to work with departments around campus that are aimed at providing sufficient resources for minority students to thrive during their time at the UofA, especially during their first year. These departments include but are not limited to Housing and Residence Life, First Cats, Arizona Assurance, and New Start. Issues that first-year students face include how to get into a lab, where to get help for general chemistry and physiology courses, and how to prepare for advanced physiology courses in the future.

Lastly, in my time as a preceptor for Physiology 202 and as a Resident Assistant, I have experienced the benefit of creating strong friendships with your peers for forming study groups and for emotional support during those more challenging courses. I plan to work with the College of Medicine to use the Gittings Study Center for more social events where Physiology students can meet one another and form those meaningful connections.