Bennett Adamson

Executive Vice President - EVP

He, him, his

The Office of Executive Vice President directly impacts the two core elements of every Wildcat’s UA experience: their academic journey, through the legislative affairs of the Senate; and their extracurricular activities, through the Club Resource Center.

During my term as the Senator for SBS, I’ve worked with college administration to expand the reach of ASUA; developing partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. As chairman of the Budget Oversight Committee and Appropriations Board, I’ve helped allocate nearly $200,000 to clubs across campus, enabling hundreds of students to travel to conferences, poster sessions, networking events, and service projects.

As EVP, I will take these core functions of ASUA to new heights. My campaign is centered on three ideals: Efficiency, Visibility, and Purpose.

The Club Resource Center is tasked with serving the more than 600 clubs active across all areas of campus. Yet many clubs struggle to take advantage of all that ASUA has to offer, or don’t even register. As EVP, I will streamline and simplify the club registration process, implement a universal club calendar, and redesign the application process for Appropriations Board funding, to ensure that we are reaching all clubs and enabling them to succeed.

The Senate is at its most effective when Senators are empowered to meet with University leadership and advocate on behalf of all students. Senators also need to prioritize meeting with their constituents, to listen and learn. As EVP, I will ensure that the Senate engages with students and University leadership, to better serve as a conduit for voicing concern and effecting positive change.

Finally, I will focus the Senate on action items and making real progress. I will implement a new requirement of the Senate, to complete a year-long project as a group. In the past, Senate has come together to create programs like SafeRide and the Farmer’s Market. These innovations should not be the hallmark of the great Senate classes of the past, but the benchmark and standard to which all Senate classes are held to going forward.

Together, let’s make ASUA for more efficient, visible, and purposeful. 

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